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Learning German

As communication in English is quite common in Bremen and Bremerhaven, knowledge of the German language is not necessarily required in order to work here. 

A basic knowledge of German, however, will serve to your advantage during your day-to-day life. Your basic language skills will come in handy whether you are shopping, buying bus tickets or visiting the registration office. 

The Language Centre in Bremen offers German language courses on different levels for both students and researchers. There is also a Self-Learning Center, and online courses are made available to students and faculty. 

German Courses for researchers and University staff

In cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the University's Language Centre (FZHB), as well as the U Bremen Research Alliance institutes, the Welcome Center offers German language courses exclusively for international researchers. Courses on different levels are offered during each semester and there are both extensive and intensive courses. The fee for the University researchers, employees and doctoral candidates is 40/80 € and is co-financed through the University Human Resource Development Department. For more information click here.
The courses will start at the beginning of the winter term in october. The pre-registration is now open! Register here


The Tandem Placement Agency at the University's Language Centre can help you find a tandem language partner. This is a great way to improve your foreign language skills while helping your tandem partner learn or improve their knowledge of your native language. 

Another possibility is to use the app "Tandem". Here you have the possibility to get in contact with others and to exchange languages digitally and free of charge.

Summer Courses

The international summer courses organized by the Language Centre are open to students around the world who want to learn German in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Lectures and excursions complement your courses that last 4 weeks and cater to participants of 3 different levels of proficiency: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. More information can be found on the website of the Language Centre.


Sprachcafe's offer the possibility to actively exchange with different people. Speaking in a local and casual environment helps a lot learning a new language. In Bremen and Bremerhaven there are several Sprachcafe's with different focuses. Here you can find an overview of the different cafés (unfortunately the file is only available in german).
The SZHB offers Sprachcafe`s as well. They offer many different languages various times a week.


In addition to the great selection of language courses, Tandems and other organisations, it can also be really helpful to study German on your own. In order to do so, you can have a look at the numerous free Apps and Websites that provide learners with study material. You can find some of these options in this list:

  • Memrise: You can download this app on your mobile phone and use it to learn German vocabularies and phrases. It can be particularly helpful to beginners.
  • Deutsch-To-Go: This website offers a great number of listening texts for different language-levels.
  • DW provides really good materials for reading and listening. The programme 'Nicos Weg' might be especially helpful for some, as it entails small videos with subtitles which introduce (basic) German phrases. 



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