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03 Bridge Scholarships for Prospective Doctoral Candidates

Call for proposals to the Central Research Development Fund CRDF

The University of Bremen would like to convince particularly outstanding students to stay in or to come to Bremen in order to complete their PhD studies. With this in mind, the University offers its graduates scholarships to bridge the period between completion of their Master studies and obtaining future financing, for instance from an external scholarship program or employment in an externally funded project run by their prospective PhD supervisor.

WHO CAN APPLY? Students in the second year of their Master program, and up to six months following completion of the master degree (date of certificate). Key date for calculating the time limit is the according deadline for these applications. Applicants should have obtained a letter of support from their prospective supervisor at the University of Bremen as well as a reference confirming that they are among the best students in their degree course. Individual PhD projects must be seen to fit in with the research being carried out by their supervisor.

WHAT CONDITIONS HAVE TO BE MET? Applicants must submit an outline of their proposed PhD project. The selection criteria include the quality of the proposed research and past academic performance.

SCOPE OF FUNDING: The bridge scholarship of €1,000 per month is granted for half a year following completion of the Master phase. If an application for the funding of the proposed PhD project has been submitted to an external body within this period, the scholarship will be prolonged until the start of the project, and for a maximum of further six months. The scholarship can neither be suspended nor prolonged. The "Fact Sheet Bridge Scholarships for Prospective PhD Students" includes the detailed funding conditions. In case of funding it becomes part of the permit notice.

PROCEDURE: Applications may be submitted twice a year. The University’s research funding committee selects the most promising applicants and submits its recommendation to the University's Rectorate for decision. The four available scholarships are divided equally between the Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Social Sciences and Humanities. At least 50% of the available scholarships will be allocated to female researchers.

Deadline for application

1st March and 1st September 2019 at 23:59 PM



Natural Sciences and Engineering

Corinna Volkmann
Phone +49 421 218-60321 E-Mail
Building SFG, Room 3130

Social Sciences and Humanities

Petra Schreiber
Phone +49 421 218-60319 E-Mail
Building SFG, Room 3230

Selection criteria

The University’s respective Research Funding Committee and the Rectorate of the University of Bremen will decide on your application based on the following criteria.

1. Qualification of applicant

  • Above all, outstanding academic performance, followed by
  • Networking and experience of cooperation in the scientific community, including sojourns abroad; prizes or other awards for past academic achievement; initial experience of publications and the quality of such publications

2. Project quality

  • Originality of proposed research concept
  • Clear relevance in respect of the status of research
  • Sound substantiation of the research approach/hypotheses
  • Convincing choice of methods/procedures and project feasibility (in case these have been formulated already)
  • Plausible work and time schedule (for the period of the bridge scholarship)
  • Specific relevance of proposed research (e.g. socio-scientific, regional, transfer relevant)
  • Integration in the research environment of the University of Bremen
  • Suitability of proposed research for a PhD project
  • Prospects for the planned acquisition of third-party funding
time line