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M8 Postdoc-Initiative PLUS

Call for proposals within the framework of the Institutional Strategy of the University of Bremen

At the University of Bremen, Postdocs shall be able to do research under the best possible circumstances. For this purpose, they can receive funds in the short term. These funds are supposed to facilitate or enhance the independent research of the Postdocs. Examples are networking or stays at prestigious institutes abroad. Furthermore, all activities can be funded that enhance the Postdoc's qualifications– e.g. the learning of new methods, interdisciplinary projects or the organization of conferences in Bremen. Funds may also be granted for research equipment.

WHO CAN APPLY? All Postdocs of the University of Bremen, who received their doctorate at most six years prior to application. Key date for calculating the time limit is the according deadline for these applications. The applicants must have an employment contract with the University of Bremen that runs at least until the end of the activity to be financed.

WHAT CONDITIONS HAVE TO BE MET? When applying, the applicants must already conduct an excellent research project on their own. The activity which is to be funded must facilitate or enhance this project by strengthening the international focus of the research, improving the research equipment or adding to the Postdoc's qualifications. Through this, the Postdoc's professional career shall benefit noticeably. Furthermore, the feasibility and the high quality of the activity to be funded are crucial.

FUNDING CONDITIONS: Funding is available for all activities that cost between €2,500 and €10,000 and that can be completed during the applicant's employment contract. Multiple applications up to €10,000 for each project are possible. A further application requires the former funding to be finished. Partial funding is possible in all cases. Grants cannot be given to applicants who are eligible for funding from a current third-party project where funds are available to finance the proposed activity. Mere conference and congress trips can only and always be funded via the funding line "02 Conference Participation" of the Central Research Development Fund. All projects have to be completed by December 31st, 2018; a prolongation is excluded.

PROCEDURE: In 2018 there will be one application deadline for the funding line Postdoc Initiative PLUS. The "Young Researchers Committee" will make recommendations to the Vice Rector for Research and Young Academics for final decision. The call is envisaged within the framework of the Institutional Strategy’s M8 Postdoc Initiative.

Deadline for application

1st March 2018 at 23:59 PM


The University of Bremen supports the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). ORCID is a free, not-for-profit service offering each researcher a unique digital identifier. This helps researchers to distinguish their work and helps funders link researcher output to funding.  If you apply for CRDF funding, we will ask for your ORCID identifier. 
If you have no ID yet, please visit ORCID.


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