Our councelling service on funding provided by the European Union

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Dr. Andrea Gottlieb
Tel. +49 421 218-60322 E-Mail
Building SFG, Room 3170

Dr. Kristin Baer
Tel. +49 421 218-60326 E-Mail
Building SFG, Room 3290

Councelling and advice on funding opportunities

Support during the application process

  • Clarification of formal requirements
  • Assistance with electronic registration in the participant portal and with filling in the administrative part of the proposal (Part A)
  • Budget advice and planning
  • Formulation of parts of the proposal addressing the structural environment at the University of Bremen
  • Edit content section (Part B)
  • Legal examination of/support with preparatory documents like Memorandum of Understanding, Non-disclosure agreement etc.
  • Acquision of signatures

Advice and support in grant preparation and during the course of the project

  • Legal examiniation of consortial contracts
  • Acquision of signatures for contracts
  • Assistance in communication with project officers and other beneficiaries
  • Provision of templates e.g. timesheets timesheets
  • Preparation of amendments

Subsequent actions during application process and course of the project are supported by different parties of administrative departments of the university. Project management is under the responsibility of each research group. Since some of the information is only available in German please refer to the German version of this page also.



Proposal preparation

Gender equality (Art. 33 Grant Agreement (GA) H2020 / Art 14 GA HEurope)

Administrative Unit 04 (Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination)
Supports with the formulation of appropriate proposal passages

Proposal preparation
and project execution

Career development (Art. 32 GA H2020/ Art. 18 GA HEurope)

Administrative Unit 07 (Human resource development)
Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (BYRD)

 Ethics (Art. 34 GA H2020 / Art. 14 GA HEurope)

see Leitfaden Ethik in H2020

Project execution

Financial project execution

Administrative Department 7 (Third-Party Funding/Personnel Budget)

 Legal review of contracts for contract research

Administrative Unit 06 (Legal Office)

 Recruitment of staff financed by third parties (Art. 32 GA H2020/ Art. 18 GA HEurope)

Administrative Department 02 (Human Resources)


Third Party Funding Notification

Dean of the Faculty  / Head of Central Research Unit

 Work related travel

Administrative Department 3 (Budget and Finance)


Administrativ Department 3 (Budget and Finance)
(choose menue "Einkauf")

 Public relations
(Art. 38 GA H2020 / Art. 17 GA HEurope)

Administrative Unit 03 (University Communication and Marketing)

Concluding project

Audit H 2020/HEurope

Internal Auditing, Carsten Meier