Graduate Center Plus

The Graduate Center PLUS is a measure contained in the Institutional Strategy to expand the offer of ProUB and aimed at achieving a “plus” in the quality of training for our doctoral students. Funding will be made available for doc-networks, success teams, external supervisors and postgraduate research projects.


Doc-networks based on common research topics, methods and interdisciplinary work approaches are initiated and maintained by the doctoral researchers themselves. The networks develop activities on themes beyond the student’s individual research topics such as the organization of subject-specific workshops or coauthored publications. They receive support and funding from ProUB. Click here for a list of active networks (in German) and more detailed information.

External Examiners

ProUB supports the involvement of external examiners - especially professors from abroad - in the evaluation of doctoral research projects at the University of Bremen by assuming the travel costs incurred when they attend doctoral colloquiums. More details can be obtained from Dr. Diana Ebersberger (218-60309).

“Impulse” grants for doctoral researchers

The Institutional Strategy foresees additional grants for doctoral researchers of the University of Bremen in the form of “Impulse” grants allocated by the Central Development Fund for individual activities associated with Ph.D. projects (e.g. participation at summer schools, data gathering, cooperation with external partners).

Success Teams: Tackling doctoral studies together

(in collaboration with ImpulsPlus, Cologne)

Success Teams are interdisciplinary groups of doctoral students that meet every two weeks for mutual support. These mandatory meetings follow a fixed procedure that ensures efficient and sustainable collaboration. The team members help and motivate each other to actively pursue individual, specific goals.

Working together in a team boosts the motivation to plan the various steps of the doctoral research projects, to work well-focused and efficiently, and consquently brings all Success Team members closer to the completion of their Ph.D. theses.

Success Teams are started and run as follows:
At a kick-off session, the doctoral students lay out concrete plans for the following few months and determine precisely how they intend to reach their objectives. They learn methods of peer coaching to ensure an efficient structure and successful cooperative team environment. They then form teams of maximum six participants. The members are ideally at similar stages of their doctoral phase. The team then meets every two weeks for about two hours. After several months the seminar coach will meet all teams to discuss their work. The group reviews their progress in respect of their personal goals and levels of cooperation in the team, and subsequently decides whether they would like to continue working together.

  • Participation in a success team appeals especially to doctoral researchers who wish to learn more self-discipline,
  • can derive motivation from exchanging views and ideas with others,
  • place a high priority on reaching their Ph.D. objective and
  • are prepared to commit to working in a team for a minimum of six months.


If you are interested in joining a peer coaching team please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Marie Sander.