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If you are interested in a thesis in our group, please contact Prof. Dr. Rainer Koschke. Often there are also other topics available which are not openly advertised. Usually the mentioned topics are possible with an adapted scope as bachelor, master or diploma thesis.


Open topics


The Data Management System (DMS) of the European Module of the International Space Station Columbus, comprises heterogeneous software components working together to control and monitor the life sustaining and mission specific sub-systems of the module.


This thesis shall explore how model-based engineering techniques can help represent the system related information in a way, which will allow more efficient and precise change impact analysis and effort estimation. As such the task shall cover:

  • Selection of the DMS Software coding parts to be exemplary modelled depending on the capabilities of a tool used for extracting functional dependencies from C and Ada source code.
  • Automatic extraction of functional dependencies from the Ada and C source code. Defining a method for modelling the extracted functional dependencies in UML. Automation of the mapping of the functional dependencies to UML according to the defined method. Demonstrate how the UML model can be used for impact analysis.

This master thesis will take part at the Airbus DS GmbH, Data Processing & On-Board /SW Bremen. Details can be found at here.

Today's embedded systems are often large software projects in which extensive expert knowledge has been incorporated.  Therefore they are functionally very valuable but complex as well.  The tool-supported extraction of models helps the developer to gain a deeper understanding of the software, which facilitates the maintenance and further development of these software systems. The tasks are as follows: Development and evaluation of methods and techniques for interactive extraction of models from automotive software Development of a suitable tool support based on an existing software analysis framework. The final thesis is carried out with and at the research department of Robert-Bosch GmbH. Details can be found here.


We have various open topics in the area of program analysis and visualization for software quality and information security. Get in touch with us.