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Tuition Fee

Information about Long-term Study Fees


Dear students,
Dear prospective students,

We would like to inform you about the tuition fees for long-running studies at the University of Bremen according to the Bremen Studienkontengesetz  [PDF] (27 KB).

After enrolling in accordance with § 34 or § 35 of the Bremen University Law (in German only) [PDF] (656 KB), students can study for a total of 14 semesters (study account) without having to pay tuition fees. The number of tuition-free semesters is reduced by each semester you study including semesters spent studying at universities in other EU member states, both prior to as well as after enrolling in Bremen. This does not apply, however, if you paid tuition fees while studying at a university in another EU member state – provided you are able to furnish proof. Consumption includes all semesters that were studied in EU countries. Tuition fees for long-running studies become due as of the 15th semester.

If you are affected by the above, you will receive a prehearing questionnaire and the opportunity to apply for exemption or enter a plea of undue hardship. The hearing procedure for the winter semester 19/20 will take place in June 2019. For students who have enrolled for the winter semester 19/20 and are subject to tuition fees, a hearing (in German only) will be held in November 2019.