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  • What are Study Accounts / Study Credits?

    Students receive a one-time study credit in the form of free study semesters. The calculation of the individual credit is made in accordance with §§ 2 to 4 of the Bremische Studienkontengesetzes [PDF] (27 KB). In principle gilded: Students in the Freie Hansestadt Bremen receive a credit of 14 semesters.

    Students who have completed their 55th year of age are not graned with the study credit. You will be charged with the beginning of the following semester.

  • How much are the study credits?

    The calculation of the individual credit is made in accordance with §§ 2 to 4 of the Bremisches Studienkontengesetz [PDF] (27 KB). In principle, students in the Freie Hansestadt Bremen receive a study credit of 14 semesters. However, the already studied university semesters are deducted from the study credit as consumption. Consumption includes all semesters studied in EU countries.

    If university fees have already been paid to other universities, the semester-paying semesters are not counted as consumption.

    Students who have completed their 55th year of age are not graned with the study credit. You will be charged with the beginning of the following semester.

  • How much is my study credit?

    The students will receive their current credits in their semester papers.

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  • What happens then?

    The submitted objections / arguments and evidence are examined on the basis of the returned Anhörungsbogen.

    Subsequently, all students enrolled in the hearing procedure will be notified. This decision can lead to the fact that, together with the confirmation, you will not only pay the semester fee in the amount of Z.Zt. € 321,42, but additionally € 500, - to pay study fees. However, it may also result in one or more semesters postponing the charge, the fees being reduced or enacted.

  • I got mail, what now?

    The cover letter contains the Anhörungsbogen [PDF] (61 KB) which can be used to indicate exceptions to the obligation to pay or unfair hardship. It is therefore possible to make reference to situations which may have an effect on the study credit and / or may lead to an exemption from the obligation to pay or to the remission of fees. Documents supporting the named reasons should be attached.

  • When will I have to return the documents?

    The completed Anhörungsbogen [PDF] (61 KB) must be returned within 2 to 3 weeks.

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  • Disability or serious illness

    In the case of an extension of the study period due to a temporary illness, a fee reduction will be granted if the illness is proven by a medical certificate and due to the illness a proper study is not possible.

    In the case of an extension of the study period due to a disability or chronic illness, it is necessary that the effects of the disability or chronic illness have led to a study time extension. The remission is made according to the severity and duration of the impairment of the student's ability to study.

  • Victim of a Crime

    In the case of an extension of the study period due to the consequences of being a victim of a criminal offense, it is necessary that the consequences as a victim of a criminal offense have led to the prolongation of the study period and that no other reasons are the reason for this. It should be borne in mind that these are not minor offenses, Such as bicycle theft. As evidence, a specialist or psychological and / or psychotherapeutic opinion or opinion and / or documents from the law enforcement authorities (police, judiciary) are usually submitted, Such as a police officer or a courtier

  • Enrollment at another university

    If you are simultaneously enrolled at another university in a joint study course and pay study fees there, you are exempt from the payment of study fees to the University of Bremen.


  • Work in self-governing bodies / as women or equality commissioners

    Students are exempt from payment of the fees for up to two semesters, in which they are elected as representatives in organs of the university, the student body or the student body (eg Academic Senate, Faculty Council, Institutions of the Studied Student Union, Administrative Board of the Student Union) as women / equality commissioners. If you claim this (as a former) principal, you must provide evidence of your membership or the election as a woman / gender representative with the title of the self-governing body or the office as well as the exact period of your activity. Membership in self-governing bodies of the university may include, For example by the Department 01 (Rectorate Affairs / Central Bodies) of the university or your department administration. Membership in self-administration bodies of the Studentenwerk Bremen must be confirmed by the latter.

  • Parental Leave

    According to § 8 of the Immatrikulationsordnung, students are entitled to use the parental leave according to the Federal Law on the Laws of Education opposite the university. Parenting can be granted up to the third year of the child, max. 6 semesters per child. During parental leave you are on leave, but the provision of study and academic achievements is possible. Both parents can apply for parental leave. During this time, you are exempt from the study fees.

    If the six-month parental term is not fully utilized until the third year of the child's age, up to two semesters of parental leave may be taken up to the child's eighth year of life, according to § 15 of the Federal Law on Parental Leave and Parental Rights (BEEG).

    The certificate of birth and the registration certificate from which the domestic community is born with the child are to be submitted as proof. Alternatively, the official notification of the care relationship or comparable proof may also be presented.

  • Economic distress during the final examinations

    If you claim this cause of hardship, the immediate proximity to the last section of the final audit shall be demonstrated. A certificate from the competent examining board or committee or the faculty (PABO-online evidence) must be submitted, indicating that you are at the final stage of your studies, ie at least 70% of the required study achievements.

    On the other hand, proof of "economic distress" is required by means of a self-signed, comprehensible complete income and asset overview. Corresponding proofs (eg certificates of merit, maintenance certificates, bank statements, application notes) are to be submitted.

    Exemption from the study fees is possible for one semester, with a regular study period of <= six semesters.

    Please refer to § 6 of the Ordnung (para. 4: "Students who have deliberately made false statements of the credit of a study credit or the remission of otherwise arising fees may be exmatriculated."). According to the Studienkontenordnung, there is an economic emergency if a student is less than the respective BAföG maximum per month, plus the student fee to be paid, ie a max. 868,15 €.

  • Holiday semester

    a) During a leave of absence they do not lose their student status, continue to receive their semester ticket and have to pay the semester fee. You can only take examinations during this time. However, you can get rid of the semester ticket.

    b) The semesters in which students were on leave are automatically deducted when the university semesters to be taken are counted - but only if they were holiday semesters at the University of Bremen. Without mentioning reasons, up to two holiday semesters are granted, in addition, only in cases of hardship with the appropriate justification.

    We recommend that you use the leave-of-leave facilities in any case if you have a health impairment which excludes a proper study. This is usually the case, if there is no studying capacity for the semester over a longer period or is significantly reduced.

    c) If you do not have any credits left, you may be allowed to leave for up to two semesters upon request for important reasons (illness, pregnancy, etc.). They are then exempted from the study fees for these semesters. You can also apply for this application if you have already taken leave of your studies during your studies.

    Who is "pseudo-free", i. 80% of the required CP's can also apply for a leave of absence for an important reason (preparation for a final examination) (one semester at a regular study semester <= six semesters) and is exempted from the fees. In this case it is necessary to submit a corresponding proof of the test equipment (PABO-on-line test). If your examination regulations do not allow leave of absence, there is the possibility of applying for an unfair hardness for this reason. In the case of a leave of absence on grounds of "pseudo-freedom", studies and examinations may be provided.

    d) In the case of past semesters, no leave of absence can be applied for at a later date.

  • Second degree after completing a degree

    For a further undergraduate or postgraduate degree after completion of a study and the consumption of the study credit of 14 semesters, a new study credit will only be granted if the degrees of the first and the second degree program are required by law for the attainment of a professional qualification (for example, LSIIbF) or other compelling reasons for taking up further studies.

  • Benefits according to the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz

    While you receive benefits under the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, you are exempt from paying the study fees.

  • Enrollment as doctoral student

    If you are a doctoral student and are only registered for the doctoral program, you are exempt from the payment of the study fees.


  • Cross-regional agreements

    If, owing to interregional agreements, you are granted a free course (for example, participation in the Erasmus or Socrates program), you are exempt from the payment of the study fees for the period of your stay abroad. The same applies to studies abroad, which is compulsory according to the study or examination regulations and take place under cooperation agreements.

  • Study abroad

    If you complete a part of your studies abroad without its obligation in the course of studies or examinations, you will receive an additional credit of 2 semesters.

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  • Up to which date can student fees be reimbursed?

    The amount of the reimbursement of the study fees depends on the date of the exmatriculation. For exmatriculation up to 30.04 / 30.10, the entire amount can be refunded upon request [PDF] (20 KB).
    If you are able to enroll between 1.05 and 30.06 or 1.11 and 31.12, only half of the study fees can be reimbursed. For exmatriculation after 30.06 / 31.12 a reimbursement [PDF] (20 KB) of the study fees is no longer possible.