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Hearing and Decision

The Hearing Procedure

During the hearing procedure, reasons can be put forward which have an effect on the study credit and / or lead to an exemption from the obligation to pay or to the remission of fees. The submitted documents are examined legally. Subsequently, the students of the hearing procedure receive a notification of the obligation to pay or the exemption from the study fees:

(a) notification of the obligation to pay
This decision informs you that the application for exemption from the fees has been rejected. Students who have already reached the age of 55 as of October 1, 2019 receive a fee notice directly without hearing.

A total amount of € 881,32 (€ 381.32 semester fee plus € 500, - study fees) is payable for the winter semester 19/20.

(b) Notice of exemption from the fees
The application for the exemption from the study fees has been granted according to the Studienkontengesetz (Study Accounts Act) [PDF] (27 KB). Only the semester fee of € 381.32 is payable for the return to winter semester 19/20.

The notices will be sent in June 2019. The notices provide an indication of the remedies available to you should you consider the decision to be unjustified.