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Studying with Disability

Different symbols in the context of disability.

Welcome to the Internet portal “Studying with Disabilities”!

Studying with a disability or chronic illness can entail a lot of effort and overcoming numerous obstacles.

The aim of the University of Bremen is to enable equitable and independent participation in studies and university life and to offer targeted information and counseling services.

Students with physical disabilities as well as students with chronic mental and / or physical illnesses are addressed.

On the following pages you will find information on hardship regulations and disadvantage compensation, important regional and national contact persons as well as further links with useful addresses.

Who? How? What?

Here you will find all the facilities of the University of Bremen that deal with the topic “studying with disability” and provide special counseling and support services.



Under this heading you will find all support services of the University Bremen for students with physical or other impairments. We have compiled information on disadvantage compensation and hardship regulations, but also on special offerings such as the relaxation room or the cafeteria service for students with disabilities.



On these pages, we introduce you to some of the exciting projects and events in the last 5 years dedicated to the varied impairments and related challenges for students.



Here, interested persons, students and teachers can download information brochures, for example on compensation for disadvantages.



Dr. Ingrid Zondervan
0421 218-61050
kisprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Building FVG, room M0130
It is essential to make an appointment

Postal address:
KIS, Dezernat 6
Universität Bremen
Postfach 330440
28334 Bremen

No consultation from September 23 - 27


Interest Group Handicap IGH

handicapprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
0421 218-69748
(good availability via email; calls only during office hours please)

Studierhaus at the Boulevard (opposite to the library)

office hours:
Mondays 12 until 2 pm
Thursdays 12 until 2 pm
Arranging an appointment is also possible.

Postal address:
IG Handicap
Bibliothekstraße 3
28359 Bremen