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On these pages we would like to give you an overview of the various facilities at the University of Bremen that you can call upon if you are studying with a disability. Not only institutions set up especially for this purpose, such as the Contact and Information Center for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Disease (KIS), offer support for students with disabilities. The AStA Independent General Student Committee, for example, also has special counseling services, and workshops in the Studierwekstatt can be used to become acquainted with work and study techniques that can be used to simplify day-to-day student life and facilitate equitable studying. At the University of Bremen, there is also a range of special support services aimed at students with disabilities (for example, a relaxation room or room with aids for the blind and visually impaired). We also have some tips for you with regard to finding accommodation for disabled students and inform about counseling services in Bremen and Germany.


Dr. Ingrid Zondervan
0421 218-61050
kisprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Building FVG, room M0130
It is essential to make an appointment

Postal address:
KIS, Dezernat 6
Universität Bremen
Postfach 330440
28334 Bremen

No consultation from September 23 - 27

Contact and Information Center for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illness (KIS)

  • offers counseling for affected students,
  • advises instructors, study centers, deans’ offices, student representatives and other bodies on matters surrounding “diversity management”,
  • coordinates and organizes events on the subject of “studying with disabilities”.
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Interest Group Handicap (IGH)

The Interest Group Handicap (IGH) is an independent initiative of students for students with disabilities.

Our goal is to make studying for disabled students sustainably barrier-free and free from discrimination. Counseling services, lobbying on university policy, project work and sensitization of the university environment are our way of breathing life into diversity.


Officer for Inclusive Studies at the University of Bremen (BiS)

  • advises the university administration on the development of a “university for everyone” and represents the University Executive Board externally on these issues,
  • represents the interests of students with disabilities or chronic illness in the area of ​​higher education policy,
  • actively and significantly contributes to the design and implementation of the Bremen University Action Plan for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Further counseling services at the University of Bremen

Psychological-Therapeutic Counseling Center (ptb) of the Studierendenwerk Bremen

The ptb provides assistance with study-related or personal problems: counseling sessions, training to overcome fear of examinations and public speaking or other difficulties, support for students with mental illness, and much more.


General Student Committee (AStA) -  Unit Barrier-free Access

The AStA maintains a number of working groups and counseling services. Especially the unit for accessibility has a focus on work for barrier-free studies.


Working group “Family Friendly Studying”

The student working group “Family Friendly Studying” organizes parents' meetings, gives advice on the subject of “studying with children” and is committed to achieving family friendliness and barrier-free access on the campus.


Advisory & Information Centre against Discrimination & Violence (ADE)

The ADE is a central service facility of the University of Bremen for the individual and institutional handling of conflicts, discrimination and violence in education and at the workplace.



Studying with an impairment, whether of a physical or psychological nature, can take a lot of time and energy and calls for careful management of personal resources.


Career Center

When they get to the end of their studies, many students suffering from disabilities are faced with the problem of getting off to a good career start.


Consulting services in Bremen and Germany

The Bremen Self-Determined Life Association

SelbstBestimmt Leben e.V. is an association of people with different impairments. We are a part of the autonomous disabled persons’ movement in Germany.


Self-help signpost for Bremen and North Lower Saxony

As a member of a support group, you meet other people with a similar background. First and foremost, you will find an open ear for your concerns, as well as support and advice (accompaniment) for the next steps.


Nation-wide Information and Counseling Center for Study and Disability (IBS)

Unhindered access to higher education and equal studying and work opportunities for people with disabilities and chronic diseases are the goals of the Information and Counseling Center.