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The workshops are organized by the Office for Higher Education Didactics (Geschäftsstelle Hochschuldidaktik). Below you find the links to register via Stud.IP. Please consult the instructions for registering via Stud.IP (PDF).

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Available Workshops in English

The following courses will be offered in English language.


Instructor: Dr. Sebastian Walzik

All too often, teaching at universities is still characterised by the fact that it is primarily about reproducing content or skills that are presented or exemplified by a teacher. However, in the context of a university, where research is mainly about “not knowing yet” and within the realm of a society, in which knowledge is duplicated at ever shorter intervals, it is much more important to promote students' own acquisition of knowledge and competences. This does not make knowledge of facts obsolete at all, on the con- trary: it is further enhanced by promoting self-directed and lifelong learning.
Such learning arrangements are particularly challenging for traditional teachers because learning processes are less predictable and can no longer be planned in detail with cer- tainty of outcome. Research-oriented teaching is then often confused with poor teach- ing, although the one is completely independent of the other.
This seminar starts at such points: we will look at the content and topics for which concepts of research-based learning are fundamentally suitable, how to design and im- plement an appropriate learning arrangement methodically and didactically, how to deal with potential resistance from learners (for whom such learning environments are sometimes initially unfamiliar), and how to develop a change in one's own attitude from input control to process support.

Date and Location:
Thursday, 26.09.2024 - 9 am to 5 pm - Location tba
Friday, 27.09.2024 - 9 am to 5 pm - Location tba

Certificate in Higher Education Didactics Modul 2.2/3.3 with 20 work units (AE).

Registration in StudIP: Research-Based Teaching and Learning

Instructor: Dr. Sebastian Walzik

"Too much reproduction - too little explanation and transfer" is how Niclas Scharper describes examination practice at German universities. Since Bologna, the aim has been to promote and test competences rather than just repeating facts. But what exactly is meant by "competences"? How can they be operationalised and assessed? This workshop explores precisely these questions and supports participants in preparing and conducting competency-based examinations and achieving a well-founded grade at the end.
Various forms of written and oral examinations will be discussed, with the learning outcomes forming the starting point for considering the design of the examination. The course also prepares students to accompany written work in its development process and gives them the opportunity to develop their own examinations.
The seminar is a workshop: participants will have time to develop and design their own examinations throughout the course. It is a good idea to bring your own documents - or even your laptop.

Methods: inputs, discussions, exchange of experiences, exercises

Date and Location:
Wednesday, 05.02.2025 - 9 am to 5 pm - online
Wednesday, 12.02.2025 - 9 am to 5 pm - online

Certificate in Higher Education Didactics Modul 2.2/3.3 with 20 work units (AE).