Good Teaching and Learning

University of Research-Based Learning

The University of Bremen’s teaching profile is consistently oriented toward research-based learning. This didactic principle encompasses activating teaching methods and close integration with current research and research processes, including their reflection.

In recent years, the University of Bremen has embedded research-based learning concepts into numerous study programs across all departments, thereby strengthening the relationship between research and teaching.

The mission statement for teaching and studies, amended by the Academic Senate in 2021, articulates our commitment to being a "university of research-based learning." This approach provides all students with the opportunity to develop into responsible and critically thinking individuals with strong professional competence through reflective discourse, considering the increasing trends of digitalization and datafication.

Assuring Quality

The University of Bremen is system accredited. Our quality management is supportive and service-oriented and serves to secure and further develop a high quality of teaching and learning. Participation is a fundamental prerequisite for the realization of this approach. The QM portal contains the most important information on quality management at the University of Bremen.


Designing Study Courses

The range of courses offered by the University of Bremen is constantly evolving. Existing programs change, new ones are added, and others are closed. All these processes are complex and challenging. The department for university development and capacity planning as well as teaching and studies unit address fundamental questions of course design. The QM portal contains all other important information and tips.


Higher Education Didactics

Good teaching is constantly evolving. The University of Bremen supports this with a comprehensive range of measures to promote university teaching. Target group-specific or topic-oriented methods offer diverse and interesting options for developing expertise. It is also possible to acquire a certificate in university education. In addition, there are offers of individual coaching or specialist workshops.


Developing a Teaching Profile

To further develop inspiring and student-centered teaching, good teaching concepts are essential. These concepts should consider the requirements and potential of digitalization and datafication, current developments in teaching research, and the handling of diversity. These topics are addressed throughout the entire university.


International Teaching

Teaching at the University of Bremen is international: promoting foreign mobility, multilingualism and diversity competence are fundamental cross-sectional dimensions of our teaching in all subjects. Our internationally attractive and innovative study and doctoral programmes enable students to gain international and intercultural experience. Lecturers from Bremen teach abroad, while guests from all over the world enrich our teaching - we offer numerous support options.