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Hardship Application

Study places that fall under the hardship quota are awarded on the grounds that non-admission to a restricted admission program would amount to extreme hardship. 5% of all study places are reserved for cases of hardship. Recognized hardships can lead to a preferred admission.

The hardship application must be submitted in the online application. The corresponding application forms are available in the online application. A print out of the hardship application, together with the documents substantiating the hardship case, must be sent to the Student Secretariat by surface mail by the closing date for applications. If the application does not reach the Office for Student Affairs in due time, the application cannot be considered in the allocation procedure.

Recognized hardships occur when you are bound to the study location owing to serious illness, family commitments or economic reasons. Health reasons can be claimed on the basis of a severely handicapped ID card. Family reasons include caring for relatives and the upbringing of children. Economic reasons include a contract of employment of the spouse in Bremen. Increased costs for rent after moving out from the parents’ home does not count as a hardship.

Applicants who had to spend more time in secondary education for health reasons or achieved worse grades than they would have in the absence of illness can claim compensation for disadvantages. This must be proven by a corresponding school report.

KIS (only in German), the contact and information center for students with disabilities or chronic illness, advises on hardship regulations and compensation for disadvantages. The website for students with disabilities contains further helpful information on applications in case of hardship and on compensation for disadvantage (only in German).

In concrete terms, this means that you have to submit the special application online and send it by surface mail to the Office for Student Affairs by July 15 together with all supporting documents.


Due to the situation no consultation hours are offered. You can reach us by mail and telephone.

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