Program-specific requirements

Many programs require certain knowledge or skills to be proven prior to taking up studies. These could include e.g. a preliminary internship, music entrance exam or language skills. Such requirements are in the interest of facilitating doing a high-quality degree within the standard period of study - without the required knowledge you would not be able to follow the curriculum.

Which requirements you have to prove for certain courses of studies is listed in the Studies Database under the respective degree program. Specifically, the following prerequisites could be required:


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Deadlines for submitting documents

The program-specific requirements must be evidenced before you can be enrolled. The deadline for this will be stated in the admission notice. If you do not meet the criteria, you will not be enrolled. The following deadlines apply:

  • Internship:
    You must submit evidence of having completed an internship. The proof must show that the pre-study internship will be completed by a certain date. For the bachelor’s program, including teacher education and Industrial Engineering & Management / Production Engineering, the pre-internship must be completed before the beginning of the program; for Public Health / Health Sciences by October 1. For Production Engineering it is strongly recommended to complete the pre-study internship before starting the studies.

  • Music aptitude test:
    Enrollment must be accompanied by proof of passing the music entrance examination or exemption.

  • Test result Communication and Media Studies:
    The text result must be submitted for enrollment.

  • Foreign languages:
    Any language certificates required for admission to bachelor’s programs must be submitted by September 15 (winter semester) or March 15 (summer semester).

Language certificates

Some subjects require proof of competence in a foreign language before enrollment. The required knowledge is based on the competence descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The classification of language competences is divided into six levels, which are called A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. A1 level describes beginner skills; at the C2 level, language proficiency is almost that of a native speaker (more information on the language levels)..

Language skills are mostly proven by language certificates or tests. These certificates can be taken at certain language schools or institutes. The University of Bremen only accepts valid language certificates / tests.

For application and enrollment, the University of Bremen offers various possibilities to prove your language skills.

For Master's programs, different rules apply in some cases as far as language certificates are concerned. If you are interested in information aboout language competences for Master's, please have a look at our Master info page.

Evidence of language skills on the basis of the Abitur exam

The language levels indicated on the GermanAbitur certificate are recognized. If two levels for a foreign language are specified in the Abitur certificate, the lower level will be taken.

As proof of language competence for the levels A1, A2 and B1, the University of Bremen accepts the results of school coursework. In this case, the following is required:


Language levelYears of language training

least 1 year language course at school


at least 3 years of schooling


Abitur after 12 school years:
at least 6 years of foreign language instruction continued until at least the end of class 11

Abitur after 13 years of schooling:
at least 7 years of foreign language instruction continued until at least the end of class 12

The competence level C1 is usually to be attested by appropriate certificates, as well B2, unless the school leaving certificate shows this level.

B2 and C1 language certificates for the following bachelor's degree programs are an exception and can also be proven through course work at school:

  • English-Speaking Cultures / English: Alternatively, for English C1, English taken as a foreign language with at least 11 credits in the basic or advanced course. Either the grade on the Abitur certificate or the average grade indicated counts.
  • Linguistics / Language Sciences: For language proficiency English B2, English may be taken as a foreign language with at least 10 credits in the basic or advanced course. Either the grade entered on the Abitur certificate or the average grade is taken.


Attention: School leaving certificates acquired abroad and aquivalent to the German Abitur can not be used as a proof of language over the duration of lessons or school grades.

Evidence of language competence via language certificates

You can provide evidence of language level with the help of recognized language certificates. The certificates for English, French and Spanish are listed below. Which language level can be certified by a language certificate and which language certificates are offered by the Foreign Language Center in Bremen is published on the website of the Language Center. The language certificates are recognized by most universities and cost between 150 and 300 euro.




B1-language certificates in the foreign language center or at cooperating language institutes

The Language Center, the Instituto Cervantes and the Institut Français conduct language tests in English, French and Spanish. There is a fee for taking such a test (40 euro), and it is only recognized by the University of Bremen. Information on each language can be found on the website of the Foreign Language Center.


Foreign language = Native Speaker

Applicants for a bachelor's degree for which the respective foreign language is their first, or native, language, have their language skills assessed in a one-to-one interview with a teacher of the University of Bremen. For contact details see Studies Database.


Selfassessments / Selftests

These are tests that provide assessments of how well certain subjects or fields of study fit your personal characteristics. Thus, these tests provide support in checking your choice of subjects.

The following self-tests are offered by the University of Bremen. The self-tests are in German only.

Pre-study internships

A pre-study internship is closely related to the study program and is undertaken in a situation that is typical for a vocational field related to the study program. A description of associated task fields is given in the International Relations Policy, which are published on the web sites listed below. If you need help finding an internship, contact a careers center near you or the job center. Internships can therefore be found on the job portal of the Career Center of the University of Bremen.

A pre-study internship is required for application / enrollment in the following subjects:

Aptitude Test

Aptitude test for music education

For music pedagogy you must pass an examination. No aptitude test is required for musicology. Registration is required to take the aptitude test. The exam itself is usually taken in mid-June. Explanations and the registration form for the aptitude test can be found on the website.


Aptitude Test

Completed Training in Nursing

For the bachelor's degree programme "Vocational Education - Nursing Science", a completed vocational training as a nursing specialist or in the fields of health and nursing care, health and paediatric care, geriatric care, curative care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, maternity care or speech therapy is required. Other academic or non-academic health care professions can be recognised upon application to the programme.