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Who is allowed to authenticate officially?

If you have had your documents authenticated in Germany, we accept them from the following offices:

  • Registration offices
  • Municipal administrations
  • Municipal administrations (town hall)
  • District administrations
  • Courts
  • Notaries

Church congregations, health insurance companies and banks are not allowed to authenticate officially.

State study colleges or some universities are only allowed to authenticate the certificates and study plans they issue by themselves. The University of Bremen itself does not perform any proofs of authentication.

If you would like to have a authentication made outside of Germany, then this must be carried out by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or consulate).

If the authentication was issued in a language other than German or English, the authentication must be included in the translation. This can be done by a translator officially sworn in Germany or by the diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy/consulate).

Documents that have not been authenticated by the above-mentioned authorities will not be accepted.

What documents must be authenticated?

We must have a authenticated copy of the following documents:

  •     University entrance qualification ("Abitur" / high school diploma)
  •     Language certificates

Which translations are accepted?

Documents in English and German do not need to be translated.

For all other languages, translations must be done by an officially sworn translator from Germany. If you have had your documents translated outside Germany, you will need confirmation from a German diplomatic representation (embassy/consulate).

Please note:

If you submit documents that have not been sufficiently authenticated or translated, we will inform you of this by e-mail. For enrollment, all documents must be received on time and in the described form.