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Applications from abroad

Studierende sitzen auf der Treppe im Eingang des MZH.

International students

I am an international student: How do I apply for a place? Which documents do I have to submit and which language certificates do I have to provide before taking up my studies? Answers to these and other questions can be found on this page.

For your application it is crucial whether you come from the EU or from outside the EU.


You are from the EU?

Applicants from the EU are treated the same as their German counterparts and apply, provided they have sufficient knowledge of German, directly at the University of Bremen. You do not need a student visa.


Are you from a non-EU country?

Applicants from countries outside the EU apply with a VPD by uni-assist (German: Vorprüfungsdokumentation, preliminary examination documentation) for Bachelor and Law directly at the University of Bremen.  They also need a student visa to enter Germany.


Displaced Persons

The HERE – Higher Education Refugees Entrance office advises refugees on applying for a place at one of the public universities in Bremen.


Preparatory Studies

The University of Bremen offers a preparatory program of language and subject-specific courses for prospective international students. During their preparatory studies, students can stay in Germany on a student visa.


German Language Skills

Without a good command of the German language, studying in Germany will not succeed. Therefore, enrollment in all undergraduate programs and in many Masters programs requires proof of sufficient knowledge of German.


Exchange Students

Are you studying at one of our more than 500 partner universities worldwide and would like to be an exchange student at the University of Bremen? If you are enrolled at a European partner university, you can apply through your home university via the Erasmus program or through our non-European partner universities as an exchange student. In the following, we have compiled information on the formalities you will have to observe, the University of Bremen, and living in Bremen.

Studierende im Gespräch auf dem Universitäts-Boulevard.

Free Mover - Guest student

You have the opportunity to study at the University of Bremen for one or two semesters as a guest student. As a guest student, you cannot take any intermediate or final examinations at the University of Bremen. But you can get ECTS points for normal coursework. For more information, contact the Faculty in question.



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