Preparation Studies

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    Studying without a C1 language level?

    You want to study at the University of Bremen, have a direct university entrance qualification (HZB), but you haven’t got a C1 language level in German yet? Then preparation studies is right for you!

What are Preparatory Studies?

Preparatory Studies prepares you i for your undergraduate studies at Uni-Bremen. While learning German at a private language school in Bremen, you are already enrolled as a preparation student for up to 4 semesters. As a preparatory student, you also have many student benefits and you can apply for a student visa.

Why you should become a Preparatory Student in Bremen

  • Classes at undergraduate level are mainly offered in German language. An excellent proficiency in German language (level C1 or higher) is required in order to participate in class successfully. Find out more about accepted C1 certificates here. Preparation Studies is designed as a support programme to achieve the C1 level in German and to try out our study courses. Learn German in Bremen – you will learn the language much faster and better than in your home country! Sign up with a private language school and take an intensive German course (prices vary, please inquire directly at the language schools).

  • While learning German, you are enrolled as a Preparation Student. Use your student ID for free public transportation in Bremen (and most parts of Lower Saxony) and to visit the campus with the university’s library on site or the Self Learning Center. You can also apply for on-campus housing in a student dorm. Get a student discount when eating at the cafeteria, when signing up to play a sport or when attending cultural events anywhere in Bremen.

  • Go to classes even though you can not yet earn any credit points (CP). Find out if your chosen major is the right path for you – you can still change it over the course of your Preparation Studies. In any case, you must apply for the degree program following the preparatory course.

  • Get in touch with professors and other students. Start building your network and find new friends via programs like Kompass!

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Questions regarding Applications and Enrolment:



Studierende in der Cafeteria des GW 2.

How do I apply for the Preparatory Studies Program?

  1. EU citizens and applicants with a German high school diploma can skip this first step and go directly to the second step. All Non-EU citizens need to request a Preliminary Review Documentation (German: Vorprüfungsdokumentation, VPD) via uni-assist. In this VPD, uni-assist determines if your previous education is recognized as a direct entrance qualification for studying at institutions of higher education in Germany, if you are eligible to  apply for your chosen study program how your grades translate into the German grading system. The VPD is valid for one year.
  2. Your application must be submitted online via the University's online application platform called MOIN. Here, you can upload all required documents in a PDF format (including your VPD). Applications for Preparation Studies are possible at any time. 
  3. If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation of application (German: Bewerberbestätigung, BBZ).
  4. Now, you apply for a student visa at the German Embassy.
  5. You also sign up for an intensive language course at a private language school in Bremen (at least 20 hours per week, at least 3 months per semester).
  6. Finally, you hand in the following documents at the Admission Office (German: Sekretariat für Studierende, SfS): your BBZ and a confirmation about your registration at the language school. 
  7. As soon as you have gone through all of these steps, you can simply enrol as a preparation student by paying the semester contribution.

Please note:

  • When requesting a VPD via uni-assist, only BA programs are listed, you cannot tick Preparation Studies. Choose your desired BA program - you are not committing yourself. After completing your Preparation Studies, you can still change your mind and apply for a different program.
  • As soon as you reach the C1 level in German, you must apply for your regular study program. To do this, you have to submit the C1 certificate before the deadline of 15.9. (winter semester) or 15.3. (summer semester). Make sure you do not miss this deadline since there are no exceptions! 
  • Regular bachelor's degree programs and the law program (Staatsexamen) begin in the winter semester. The according application deadline is July 15th (this is a "hard" deadline)! 
  • The University of Bremen does not offer German language intensive courses. You can, for example, visit German classes at one of the following institutions: Goethe InstitutDAA, CASA, Aristoteles, VHS.
  • A number of different language exams are accepted as proof of C1 German proficiency. Find out more about the language exams here. For further questions regarding the recognition of your language proficiency, please contact the Fremdsprachenzentrum directly. The e-mail address is: anerkennung.deuprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
  • Applications for Preparation Studies are possible at any time. Please note: Enrolment as preparation student is possible until June 30. for summer semester and December 31. for winter semester.
  • After you have successfully applied, you will receive a Bewerberbestätigung. This does not mean that you automatically enrol at Uni Bremen. It might take a few weeks/ often months/ or even a year until you officially enrol. Generally, students are enroled after they have travelled to Germany. It is necessary that a proof of participation in a language class is submitted for enrolment. As long as this proof is submitted until December 31. of any year, the applicant can still enrol for the ongoing winter term. 

Detailled information on the application procedure can be found under: Bewerbung aus dem Ausland - Nicht-EU.

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