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Bachelor & Law

Applications & Deadlines

You want to apply and enroll at the University of Bremen? We have collected all the information about making applications for you.



For the time there will be no more personal consultation hours. You can reach us by mail and telephone.

Do you have any questions? Our FAQs will help you.

Student Office
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Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 9-12 a.m., Wed 2-4 p.m.
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Studying without a High School Diploma

You do not (yet) have a university entrance qualification and would like to study at the University of Bremen? Maybe you meet the requirements and can start right away. Or would you like to get the diploma during your studies? Find out which of the possible access routes to the University of Bremen suits you!



In addition to a university entrance qualification, many subjects have other requirements. You should, depending on the subject of study, e.g. possess certain foreign language skills or have completed an internship. Check whether you already have these program-specific requirements for your desired study subject or still need to do something!


Registration Procedures

Do I really have a place at the University? Can it happen that I go out empty-handed? How is it decided whether I get a place? Here you will find all information surrounding the topic of admission-free and restricted admission subjects, the admission procedure and the restricted admission selection limits.


Change of Subject or University

You want to change your subject or the university? What must you pay attention to? What is lateral entry? Here you will find some useful hints.