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Applications & Deadlines Basic

Applications deadlines

The following deadlines apply to applications for all Bachelor's programmes and Law (First State Examination). The deadlines apply to first-year students as well as to advanced and alumni who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) in the last year or earlier. The online application closes on these days at 23.59, later applications are not possible. The application portal will be opened for the winter semester at the beginning of May and for the summer semester at the beginning of December.

Application deadline for Bachelor's and Law degree programmes
- For the winter semester 15 July
- For the summer semester 15 January

First-year students can only enrol for the winter semester. An exception is the Bachelor's programme "Vocational Education and Training - Mechatronics".

Undergraduate students

To apply to the University of Bremen, first-year students need an applicant’s ID (BID) and a BAN application-authentication number. BID and BAN can be obtained by registering with the Foundation for Admission to Universities . To apply to the University of Bremen, a second registration in the online application portal of the University of Bremen is required. Up to twelve applications may be submitted by undergraduates as part of the dialogue-oriented service procedure.


In the online application, in addition to personal data, first-year undergraduates have to enter information on school grades, periods of military or community service and, if applicable, the code from the self-test. Documents must – with a few exceptions – be submitted for enrollment only after you have received a letter of acceptance.

Advanced students

Anyone who has already been enrolled in a degree program (i.e. subject studies + degree) for at least one semester or has sufficient credits from another degree program can apply for a place as an advanced student. If you are already enrolled in a bachelor’s program with several subjects and would like to change a subject, you must apply as a beginner. Advanced students can only apply in the online application portal as they wish to continue their studies at the University of Bremen. 

The advanced status will be examined by the Student Office as part of the application process. Possible recognition of previously earned examination credits can only be made after successful matriculation on the part of the responsible examination office.

Explanations on the change of university or subject can be found on the Internet.

Registration procedures

For more than half of all programs, the University of Bremen expects more applications than study places are available. Therefore, these programs are subject to restricted admission. In admission-free subjects, all applicants who submit an application can be offered a place. How the places are explained on the page explaining the procedure for the allocation of study places .

In the allocation of places, second-degree applications with a university degree are treated in the same way as applications for a first degree course. If you are 55 or older, you must state reasons when registering for admission-restricted subjects.


In case of an admission, you will be notified by e-mail. You can then download your acceptance letter in the application portal. What you have to do for enrollment will be communicated to you in the admission letter. You can also find this information here.


Only in the case of admission / enrollment you must submit the following documents to the Student Office. Usually you have 7 days to do that. For enrollment, you must transfer the semester fee in addition to the documents .

Advanced students must additionally submit the following documents :

  • Enrollment certificate from another university from the last semester with details of the subjects and number of semesters
  • ECTS credits from previous studies (simple copy)
  • if you were enrolled at another university in the immediately preceding semester: Exmatriculation certificate

If you have obtained your university entrance qualification in a country outside Germany , you must additionally submit the following documents:

  • German or English translation as officially certified copy
  • Proof of knowledge of German as officially certified copy

Please note who may issue an officially certified copy.

Applicants without a university entrance qualification

If you have a University entrance qualification to study at the University of Bremen

you have to apply separately. The documents will be made available on the website.

Applicants who have obtained a higher education entrance qualification in a different federal state via special means must submit an application via the online application portal. Before applying, you can have the student secretariat check whether your university entrance qualification for admission to the University of Bremen is recognized.

If you have obtained your higher education entrance qualification abroad, you will find further information on the page Applications from abroad.

Double studies & double enrollment

If you want to acquire a further degree from the University of Bremen parallel to your current studies, the examination board of the current degree program must certify that the double enrollment makes sense. This is only possible for subjects without restricted admission and only after the end of your fist semester.

It is not possible to enroll at several universities at the same time. However, a cross-university participation in courses and examinations as a visiting auditor/listener is possible.


Second degree

"Second degree applicants" are applicants with a completed university degree who wish to take up a new undergraduate course of study (Bachelor or First State Examination in Law).


Return of study place

If you would like to return your place of study, please fill out the form for the return of a study place before the beginning of the start of lectures. After lectures have started, please use the application for exmatriculation .

If you have already transferred your semester contribution, please complete the application for reimbursement and send it to the Office for Student Affairs. Please note the comments on the refund request!