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Change of university, subject change, lateral entry

Who can apply as an advanced student?

Students who are enrolled in a degree program (subject + degree) in the semester preceding the application must apply for this course of study as advanced students. If, however, a subject is changed in a Bachelor's programme with several subjects, in the winter semester the application is made as a beginner. If credits from another course of study can be credited, the Student Office will check whether an application as an advanced student is possible. In this case an early application is strongly recommended.

Advanced status will be checked by the Student Office during the application procedure. A possible recognition of previously completed course work is only possible after successful enrolment by the responsible Examination Office.

Only one application for an advanced student

Advanced applicants can only submit one application because they wish to continue their studies at the University of Bremen.

Are you a lateral entrance student, university transfer student or a subject changer?

University transfer students are students from other universities who are enrolled there in the same subject with the same degree for which they are applying at the University of Bremen. University transfer students cannot apply for the 1st semester, the number of semesters is continued. Admission as an advanced student is only possible according to the courses offered, which means that advanced students can only be enrolled if the Bachelor's degree course is offered in the corresponding semester.

Subject changers are students of the University of Bremen or other universities who wish to change a subject. A change of subject usually takes place in the 1st semester of the winter semester.

The lateral entry in the course of study refers to the change from one study to another, whereby a placement in a higher semester than the first semester is possible due to the already acquired study credits. Lateral entrants are therefore students at Bremen University or other universities who apply for a higher semester in a related subject. A prerequisite for application is a creditable study performance of at least 1 semester from their previous studies.

Change to the summer semester

The University of Bremen does not accept undergraduate students In the summer semester (exception: Vocational Education and Training - Mechatronics) so that only advanced students can apply who have credits of at least one semester for the chosen subject.

No guarantee for seamless continuation of studies
A number of study programs offer one-year introductory modules that students cannot enroll for in the summer semester. Therefore, even if you get a place to study for the summer semester, there can be no guarantee for a seamless continuation of your studies. Please contact your program advisor or study center.

De-registration and recognition of credits

It is not possible to enroll at different universities at the same time. Therefore, proof of de-registering at the previous university must be submitted when you change to the University of Bremen. Applicants for restricted admission subjects should wait before de-registering until they have received a study place at the University of Bremen.

Only after enrollment at the University of Bremen can an application for recognition of previously earned credits be submitted to the responsible examination office. If you want to know more, you should contact the program advisor or the study center. You will find the contact details of the respective field of study in the Studies Database.

There are no fixed deadlines for applying for recognition of credits at the Examination Office, but a speedy application is recommended to facilitate planning your future studies. Earned credits do not have a “expiry date”, but from time to time examination regulations change, so that also the recognition regulations may also change.

Students who change to teacher training courses should first of all turn to the study center at the Teacher Training Center, especially because of the required in-school practicals.

Chances of success for change of university

If the course of study at the University of Bremen has no restricted admission, the change is no problem.

If the course has restricted admission, the application will have to be processed in the course of an admission procedure. As a rule, there are only a few places available for restricted admission subjects. These are awarded primarily to university transfer student. Applications for a study place via lateral entry in subjects with restricted admission will only be considered in the event that study places have remained vacant following the admission of university changeover students. The chance to get a place in a restricted subject via lateral entry is therefore usually very low!

At the University of Bremen, only the average grade of the higher education entrance qualification, usually Abitur, is taken into account as the award criterion. Waiting times do not play a role.

IMPORTANT: Program-specific requirements!
At the University of Bremen many program-specific requirements must be evidenced with the application (for example, language certificates, music entrance examination, internships). You will find the requirements specific to your field of study in the Studies Database.

Change of university after a failed final exam

It is not possible to change university to study the same or similar subject if you have definitively failed an examination in the same or similar study program elsewhere.

To find out whether a change to a related program that does not include this exam is possible, please contact the respective program advisor or the Examinations Office. The same applies to the question of whether a change to a university of applied sciences may be possible.

Change of subject and BAföG

If you receive BAföG, be sure to seek advice from the BAföG & Sozialberatung at the AStA or the BAföG office before changing your subject.