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Placement Examination

Zuhörer in einem vollen Hörsaal.

Applicants without a higher education entrance qualification may, under certain conditions, be admitted to a so-called placement examination. Successful completion equates to a university entrance qualification – but only in the chosen subject(s) and only for the University of Bremen. It is therefore a subject-specific and location-bound university entrance qualification.

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Prerequisites for admission to the grading Examination
Application for Admission to the Examination Grading
Admission to the grading
Examination Grading Examination
Certificate and Application for Study


Requirements for admission to the placement examination

To be admitted to the placement examination, applicants must be able to evidence the following by the closing date on January 15:

1. Vocational training

Successful completion of a minimum two-year period of

a) vocational training in a recognized or equivalent

b) in-school vocational training or

c) vocational training in a public service.

Vocational training can thus encompass the successful completion of two years of attendance at a vocational school or technical college. Comparative activities that do not require vocational training (for example, artistic or literary activities, social work) or equivalent training are recognized.

2. Employment

After completion of vocational training

(a) at least three years of employment; or

b) vocational training and employment totaling at least five years.

Instead of a vocational training and employment, full-time employment of at least five years in an occupational field that is comparable to the requirements of the vocational training (skilled worker) is recognized.

Employment does not have to be for acquisition.

Upon presentation of appropriate evidence, the following periods also count as employment:

  • Military or community service or a voluntary social / ecological year
  • Periods of unemployment (up to one year)
  • Independent management of a household with at least one person in need of education or nursing care
  • Work as a development aid worker


3. Continuing and further education

Successful participation in continuing education (approximately 50 hours) evidencing the knowledge and skills acquired Such continuing education and training measures should be relevant to the intended field of study or subject combination.

Application for admission to the placement examination

Applications for admission to the placement examination must be submitted to the Central Examination Office: application form as a pdf download

Deadline for admission to the placement examination: January 15

Applications for admission to the placement examination can be submitted once a year. In the application it is essential to specify the desired subject or combination of subjects. You will find information about the range of courses offered by the University of Bremen in the Studies Database. 

The prerequisites explained above must be evidenced as follows:

    1. Application form

    please complete and sign!

    2. Cover letter and grounds for application.

    The letter should describe to what extent your occupational activities and continuing education have prepared you for the desired study program.

    3. Curriculum Vitae

    The curriculum vitae must contain full details of school education and vocational training.

    4. Examination Certificate of Vocational Training *

    The certificate serves as proof of completed vocational training and must be submitted as a certified copy.

    5. Job references / work certificates *

    These serve as proof of the type and duration of the required period(s) of employment. Please submit as officially certified copies.

    6. Continuing education and further training certificates *

    In the scope of approx. 50 hours, in officially certified copy

* All documents marked with an asterisk must be officially certified. If the original and a copy are submitted in person, the certified copy can be dispensed with. Please note our opening hours or make an appointment.

Documents sent by surface mail must be sent to the following address:

University of Bremen

Central Examination Office

PO Box 33 04 40

28334 Bremen

Documents submitted in person may be submitted to the Central Examination Office:

University of Bremen

Central Examination Office

University Boulevard 5

28359 Bremen

Admission to the Placement Examination

Admission to the placement examination is decided by an admissions committee. Members of the committee are representatives of the field of study or subjects for which the examination is to be taken.

The University of Bremen will issue a written notification of admission, stating which subject or subject field admission to the placement examination applies to.

The admission letter entitles you to take part in the placement examination. It does not (yet) qualify you for the study program. Only after successfully passing the placement examination is it possible to apply for a place at the University of Bremen.

Placement Examination

1. Consultation

After admission to the placement examination, giving a notice of at least one week, a representative of the Admissions Committee invites the candidate to attend a counseling session.

The topics of this counseling session include:

  • The applicant’s academic and professional career path
  • The applicant’s acquired knowledge and skills
  • Information about the intended studies, especially about the content, structure of studies and program requirements
  • Demonstration of the applicant's aptitude to study the subject for which he or she is applying for the placement examination
  • Examination topics and format of the placement examination
  • Setting the processing times or deadlines for submitting written assignments or agreeing on a time for the written exam

If the placement exam is to be taken in several subjects, counseling sessions will be held in all of them.

2.   The Examination

The first part of the placement examination consists of a written assignment or a written exam. The second part of the placement test is an oral test. If the candidate is aiming at a two-subject degree program, both subjects are to be included in both parts of the examination.

a) Assignment or examination

The candidate has 14 days to complete the written assignment and it should be 10-15 pages long. The exam takes 4 hours. The topic of the written assignment or the examination takes into account the results of the counseling interview.

b) Oral examination

The oral exam lasts 30-45 minutes or up to 60 minutes in the two-subject exam. The subject of the oral examination is the written work and the topics defined in the counseling interview.

3. Program-specific requirements

For many programs, certain knowledge or skills have to be evidenced prior to taking up studies. These include e.g. pre-study internships or language skills. These program-specific requirements are assessed in the oral exam. Details of such prerequisites requirements are contained in the Studies Database.

Certificate and application for admission to the degree program

After passing the placement exam, a certificate of subject-specific university entrance qualification will be issued. The certificate entitles students to study at the University of Bremen in the chosen subject or subject field.

Acquisition of the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification does not equate to a right to a study place. It only entitles you to apply for a place at the University of Bremen. If the subject is open-admission, all applicants receive a study place and you can enroll directly. In the case of restricted-admission subjects, only 2% of the study places are available for applicants with a special university entrance qualification (placement examination, trial studies). The places will be awarded according to final overall grades.

Candidates can re-sit a failed placement examination; but only after one year at the earliest.


For information and registration for the placement examination, please contact:

Tina Hoffmann
Central Examination Office

University Boulevard 5
28359 Bremen

PO Box 33 04 40
28334 Bremen

Phone: (0421) 218 ​​- 61200

E-Mail: zpa-leitungprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de