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Trial Studies

Applicants without a university entrance qualification (such as a high school diploma) and who have certain professional qualifications may be admitted to trial studies. If the trial studies are successfully completed, the university entrance qualification acquired with the study course is only valid for the chosen subject or subjects and only for studies at the University of Bremen. With trial studies, therefore, a subject-specific and location-bound university entrance qualification is acquired.



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What are trial studies?

Trial studies are studies “on probation”. The participants, like their fellow regular students, take part in the regular courses of the chosen degree program and have to sit for the required examinations in the subject or in the subjects. If the examinations are successful, the successful students will have proven that they are able to study the subject in question and take up regular studies in the program. The course work completed during trial studies is recognized in full for the subsequent studies.

Prerequisite for Admission requirements for trial studies

There are the following requirements for admission to trial studies:

  • Completed vocational training and
  • A minimum of five years of gainful employment

The following substitute periods can be credited to gainful employment: military service, community service, a voluntary social / ecological year, management of a family household with at least one person in need of upbringing or care, and unemployment for a maximum of one year. Periods of vocational training in the German dual system do not count towards the five-year period of gainful employment.

Application for admission to trial studies

Application deadline is July 15 in the winter semester and for the summer semester January 15 each year. With the exception of the programs “Nursing Science – dual” and “Vocational Education”, applications are only possible for the winter semester.

In the application it is essential to specify the desired subject or combination of subjects. Information on the courses offered by the University of Bremen is published on the Internet or in the brochure “Studying at the University of Bremen”. The brochure can be requested from the University of Bremen from the end of April.


Applications for admission to the study program must be submitted to the Student Office.

Please use the corresponding application form, which will be published on this website from May or from December.

Certificates must be submitted as officially certified photocopies. For applications for the degree program Music Education, the passed music entrance examination has to be evidenced.

Admission and Enrollment for Trial Studies

Admission to the study course must meet the above-mentioned prerequisites of vocational training and periods of employment.

For open-admission subjects, enrollment in trial studies can be done directly. For subjects with restricted admission, applications without Abitur are subject to an entrance examination or trial studies for which the entrance to the study is to take place. In this case 2% of the study places are made available. The places will be awarded in the frame of a lottery. Grades or waiting times play no role in the allocation of places.

Since the trial period lasts a maximum of one year, enrollment in trial studies is limited to a maximum of two semesters. If the required credits can be evidenced at the end of the first two semesters of study, enrollment into regular studies can take place.

In order to enroll for regular studies, certain courses of study require specific knowledge or skills. These include e.g. practical or language skills. The aim of such program-specific requirements is to ensure a high-quality of studies. Which prerequisites are required of which subjects are specified in the Studies Database together with other details.


Any missing course-specific requirements can be acquired during the period of trial studies and must be evidenced at the latest by the end of the trial studies period. Only for music education is a pre-exam entrance examination required.

Consultation before commencing trial studies

Before taking up trial studies, the applicant should consult with the responsible course counseling officers in each of the selected subjects. If the trial studies are in teacher training, an additional consultation with the Center for Teacher Education should take place. Alternatively, the consultation can be conducted in the Central Student Advisory Service.

During these consultations, the applicant should receive explanations of:

  • Course requirements and expected prior knowledge of the subject of the degree program as well as the requirements of trial studies and the program as a whole;
  • Possible deficiencies in the candidate's previous education and the possibility of their compensation;
  • Objective and subjective study conditions as well as career prospects and, if applicable
  • Alternatives to the chosen field of study as well as

Contact and further information

Further information about the trial studies can be found in the

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