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Z-exam or Immaturenprüfung from Lower Saxony

The admission exam, the so-called Z-exam or Immaturenprüfung is an access route for vocationally qualified students. It is only filed in Lower Saxony, but is recognized in Bremen. With the Z-exam, a subject-specific and local higher education entrance qualification is acquired.

Lower Saxony educational institutions offer preparatory courses for the Z-exam. To be admitted to the exam, this course must be proven. Information about the Z exam and a list of educational institutions preparing for this exam can be found on the University of Oldenburg website.

After successfully completing a Z-exam, enrollment in the first semester of the chosen degree course takes place in the case of admission-free degree programs. The study places in admission-restricted study courses are assigned on the basis of the final grade of the Z-exam or the waiting period. The period after the acquisition of university entrance qualification is considered a waiting period. Applicants who have obtained a higher education entrance qualification on the basis of their Z-exam are considered to be candidates with a highschool diploma. There is no separate quota.

The subject for which the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification has been obtained can be studied as a full or specialized subject with a complementary subject or as a teaching subject. The students can be enrolled, provided that the other requirements specific to the study program are fulfilled.


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