Recognition of Foreign Academic Certificates for Doctoral Students

Educational certificates from outside of Germany have to be officially recognized for admission to doctoral studies as well as for employment.

The department / institute, where the doctorate or employment is to take place is in charge. From there, the certificates will be forwarded to the International Office by e-mail, indicating a "Kostenstelle" or billing address (fees 128,- €). Processing time is approx. 1-3 weeks.

Following documents are required for evaluation:

  • PDF files of all university diplomas in the original language (e.g. bachelor´s , master´s degree certificate)
  • PDF files of all subjects and marks in the original language (University Transcipt)
  • PDF files of a German or English translation of all documents produced by a certified translator: always for documents in non-Latin script - otherwise on request

After examination of the submitted documents, the faculty will be informed about the result. The examination result is only to be used within the respective university.