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Study Programs

Study Programs at the University of Bremen

Subjects from A to Z

You already have a pretty good idea about what you want to study? Here you can search for the right degree program in an alphabetical list.


Types of degree

Bachelors, Masters, state law exam? Which title will be acquired at the end of your studies? How are studies structured at the University of Bremen?


Teaching Career

Teacher training at the University of Bremen is designed in the Bachelor / Master structure. We inform you about how studies are structured, the practical study phases, and other important questions.

Teacher training at the University of Bremen is divided into the following German school categories:


International Degree Programs and Continuing Education

International Degree Programs

The University of Bremen offers several international degree programs. In these programs, a stay abroad is integrated into the curriculum, most courses are taught in a foreign language or the degree programs conclude with a double degree.


Continuing Education

The University of Bremen offers a variety of further education options for your professional development. Here we introduce you to our continuing education formats.