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State examinations / First Law Examination

Jurisprudence is the only study program at the University of Bremen that ends with the First State Examination. Unlike a bachelor's degree program, law studies take 9 semesters. In Germany, anyone wishing to work as a judge, prosecutor or attorney must study for the Second State Examination. The Second State Examination is taken after university studies have been completed with the First State Examination and a subsequent 24-month period of practical training in the legal profession.



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Study schedule and examinations

In order to pass the First State Examination and be Awarded the title graduate lawyer (Dipl.-Jur.), You must complete various exams over the course of your studies. The regular timeframe, including examinations, is four and a half years.

Studies begin with a compulsory component, which usually comprises 5 semesters. The compulsory component includes Civil Law, Criminal Science, Criminology / Penal Law, and Public Law. It is divided into foundation studies (1st-2nd semester) and main studies (3rd -5th semester), which are accompanied by written assignments (end-of-semester exams and term papers). This is followed by courses in a specialty field. Currently, students can choose between the following specialty fields:

  • Foundations of law
  • Environmental Law and Public Economic Law
  • International and European Business Law
  • Labor and Social Law in International and Supranational Context
  • Information, Health and Medical Law
  • Penal Law and Crime Policy in Europe

Detailed information on the various study schedules can be found on the Faculty 6 homepage.