Materielle Kultur: Textil (Bachelor)

Material Culture: Textiles

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    Materielle Kultur: Textil (Bachelor)

Title on graduation
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard course length
6 Semester

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Application period (beginner)
winter semester: 01.05 - 15.07.

Open admission

Researcher Bachelor by choice as

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Study description

The course programme Material Culture: Textiles is related to cultural studies. It examines every day things, their appearance, workmanship, and composition, their history, current uses and diverse meanings from a variety of perspectives. This programme in Oldenburg is distinguished by its use of approaches from ethnology, cultural anthropology, and cultural representation through artistic-scientific as well as scientific-technical approaches. The goal is to learn to analyse, represent, and participate in the cultural rules and dynamics of modern societies through their material culture. One of the programme's focal points is textiles, especially clothing, in a broad context including material culture, body, media, design, and sustainability. The curriculum is designed to allow students to choose their own modules freely after the first year, making a number of individual specialisations possible.

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