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Digital Media and Society (Master)

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    Fachbereich 09

    Digital Media and Society (Master)

Title on graduation
Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard course length
4 Semester

Language of delivery

Deadline for application (beginner)
winter semester: 15.06.

Restricted admission

Study description

Digitalization is changing the world around us. Datafication – the growing number of data that can be aggregated and processed in automated ways – increasingly becomes characteristic for our societies. As part of these processes, the role of media and communication devices and what we mean by media and communication studies is changing as well. The M.A. Digital Media and Society is situated at the leading edge of these developments. Its aim is to qualify students for media planning and decision-making positions in a datafied society.

 The media still function as businesses and institutions which provide us with information, education and entertainment. But in addition, they have also developed into tools of data collection which interconnect previously independent areas of life. For example, it is now possible to predict the shared characteristics of media users by their online practices. What do we mean by digitalization and datafication? On an…

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