Marine Microbiology (Master)

  • Eine Person untersucht Korallen in einem Aquarium im Labor.

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    Marine Microbiology (Master)

Title on graduation
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Standard course length
3 Semester

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Application period (beginner)
winter semester: 01.12. - 15.03.

Restricted admission

Study description

Marine Science Education: Microorganisms in the ocean are fundamentally important for a sustainable biosphere. They directly influence our environment and our climate. They have key functions in maintaining global elemental cycles (like carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur), yet we have only fragmentary understanding of the diversity and function of microbial life in our oceans. The study of marine microbiology involves research of fundamental issues such as the evolution of life, the functioning of marine food webs, global climate change, the fate of pollutants, and the biodiversity of the ocean. In terms of educational policy, the students will be provided with the possibility to qualify on an elevated level within the research field of marine microbiology. The broad and profound education will enable the students to find innovative approaches for environmental problems, as well as to contribute to fundamental marine science. For further details visit our website: www.marmic.mpg.de

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