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Elementarmathematik (Bachelor)

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

  • A lecturer in the full lecture hall.

    Fachbereich 03


Title on graduation
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard course length
6 Semester

Language of delivery

Deadline for application (beginner)
winter semester: 31.07.

Restricted admission

Researcher Bachelor by choice as

  • optional for teacher training

Bachelor Education subject for

  • Teaching Profession for Inclusive Education at Primary Schools
  • Primary Schools

Study description

Elementary Mathematics deals with the area of mathematics regarded as basic knowledge and which confronts us in many forms in every-day life situations. It encompasses the basic mathematical concepts and structures known to civilisations for thousdands of years: the symmetries and patterns, numbers and operations, graphical depictions and tables, algebraic structures and functional correlations with which we are confronted in many areas of life, both consciously as well as unconsciously. This is a main component of the mathematics taught in primary schools and it also plays a key role in elementary education.
Studies in Elementary Mathematics at university level focus on the teaching of mathematics for the aforementioned school type and the area of child education.

Study details