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Specialist Bachelor

The University offers 5 different bachelor. On these pages we introduce you to the single-subject Bachelor and the two-subject Bachelor. Both types of bachelor programs Usually load 6 semesters, have a general occupational orientation and are referred by to as "specialist" (German: non-teaching ) Bachelor profiles. Law on an exception and is the only study program at the University of Bremen that ends with the First Law Examination and Lasts 9 semesters. In addition, certain bachelor degree programs can be studied in the frame of teacher education. Detailed information can be found on the teacher training homepage.

Information Flyer (in German)

Single-subject Bachelor

A single-subject bachelor’s program focuses on one specific area. The normal timeframe is usually 6 semesters, although some courses require 7 or 8 semesters to complete.



Two-subject Bachelor

In a two-subject bachelor’s program, students study a profile subject together with a complementary subject. The emphasis is on components of the profile subject, which must be combined with a complementary subject.