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Educational Science (ES)

Educational Science (ES)

In addition to the subject sciences and subject didactics, the teacher training program also encompasses the subject “Educational Science”. This part of the program comprises the educational sciences, the orientation internship, and generic qualifications including “dealing with heterogeneity”. Depending on the desired type of school, 13-23% of the bachelor's degree is devoted to this area.



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Educational Science

The modules in educational science teach the foundations of educational science and pedagogical didactics. The orientation internship serves to gather initial teaching experience in a school context and to examine your personal aptitude for the teaching profession. The internship is supplemented by initial classroom experience.



Generic Qualifications / Handling Heterogeneity

Generic competences refers to the development of interdisciplinary professional competences, such as methodological and communication skills. A prescribed focus in generic qualifications at the University of Bremen is “dealing with heterogeneous learning groups”. Here, competencies in the three areas “German as a Second Language”, “Inclusive Education” and “Intercultural Education” should be acquired.


Module Overview