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Initial Steps

How to get the certificate

We want to make it as interesting and as uncomplicated as possible for you to earn the certificate.

  • To get the certificate you have to collect 15 certificate points.
  • Participation in intercultural training is mandatory for the certificate, and you should also be able to evidence intercultural activities in at least two modules (see Downloads).
  • You can provide the services relevant to the certificate throughout your entire study period. How their individual activities are evaluated can be found under: Graphic and explanation of the modules. The activities listed here are only examples. We are always open for your suggestions.
  • Send us your registration, by e-mail, using the form, which can be found on the right in the Downloads section.
  •  In this section, you will also find all the documents necessary for the certificate.
  • We need certificates of attendance for modules B and C. If the course leaders do not issue their own participation certificate, you will find a corresponding form under the downloads.
  • Please follow our guidelines (see downloads) for the experience and reflection reports because, for example, Erasmus reports often have a different focus. Please prepare reports in Arial 11 pt. with 1.5 line spacing and send to us by e-mail.
  • The certificate will be issued once you have complied with all the points you wish to have listed on your certificate, and all reports and certificates of attendance are sent to us. You are welcome to come to our office if you would like to discuss with us what your certificate should include.
  • You can pick up the finished certificate at our office or it will be sent to you by mail, if you wish.

If you would like to have the intercultural training recognized for General Studies or as a voluntary additional service, bring along the completed course credit certificate. It will be signed and stamped by us. Depending on the degree program, it may still need to be confirmed by the General Studies Officer before you submit it to the examination office.

Please consider, we don´t give grades!

Exchange Students have to fill in the ECTS course certificate, it will be also signed and stamped by us. Then they hand the ECTS course certificates to their Departmental Erasmus coordinator.


Intercultural Training can be found in the course catalog under “Complementary Studies” > “Soft Skills” > “Social Competences” > “Intercultural Competences”.

You can register via Stud.IP.

Intercultural Trainings summer semester 2020

Summer semester 2020

Dear students, the lecturers developed an online concept for the Intercultural Trainings. From mid-June onwards, the Intercultural Trainings sessions will be available as video conferences. Please register with Stud.IP for the new online trainings.

19./20. June 2020IO-0D1-2020
in German
Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert
26./27. June 2020IO-0D2-2020
in German
Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert
03./04. July 2020IO-0D3-2020
in German
Hicham Boutouil
17./18. July 2020IO-0D4-2020
in English
Nadine Binder
24./25. July 2020IO-0D5-2020
in German
Ulrike Schumann-Stöckert