Internships at international organizations

The program:The Carlo Schmid program aims at providing students and graduates with an insight into the problem issues and working methods of international organizations in the frame of an internship. By completing an internship and support measures, participants in the program should improve their chances of access to the international labor market. The Carlo Schmid program is financed predominantly by funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and with the involvement of the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Who is eligible for support?

Students and graduates with German citizenship are eligible to apply for the program parts A or B. The Carlo Schmid program is open to all relevant scientific disciplines.
The prerequisite for participation is completion of an undergraduate degree or at least the 3rd semester of a bachelor's degree program. For graduates, their last exam may not have taken place more than two years previously. A further requirement is proof of very good English language skills and knowledge in a second foreign language.

What is funded?

The Carlo Schmid program comprises the two program lines A and B.

Program line A:

Funding is available for students who have independently applied for an internship with an international organization or an EU institution. The duration of the internships is at least three and a maximum of six months.
Internships between three and six months, but not during the summer months of July and August.

Program line B:

Funding is available to students interested in applying for a specific internship offer. The offers will be published for the respective call.
Internships between four and ten months according to the specifications of the host organizations.

How much is the funding amount?

The scholarship covers a country-specific, monthly funding of at least € 650 for students and at least € 925 for university graduates as well as a travel allowance and insurance coverage.

Where can I apply?

Calls for proposals in connection with the Carlo Schmid program are usually made in December with a deadline for applications in February of the following year.Applications should be sent to the DAAD, Unit 514. The current application forms are available on the homepage of the DAAD​​​​​​​. 

Selection procedure:

A pre-selection is made on the basis of the written applications,. The selected candidates are invited to a personal presentation, which includes a one-on-one interview and a group discussion.

Information and advice:

Further information and advice on applications can be obtained from the International Office of the University of Bremen. (Consultation by appointment).


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