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Academic Calendar

Winter semester 2017/2018

Duration of semester01.10.2017 - 31.03.2018

Orientation weeks (incl. German Intensive Course)

25.09.2017 – 13.10.2017

Course/Lecture period

16.10.2017 - 02.02.2018

Exam period

see below

Course free days:


Public holiday: "Tag der Deutschen Einheit"(Reunification Day)


Christmas break

23.12.2017 – 06.01.2018

Summer semester 2018

Duration of semester01.04.2018 - 30.09.2018

Orientation weeks (incl. German Intensive Course)

12.03.2018 – 29.03.2018

Course/Lecture period

03.04.2018 – 06.07.2018

Exam period

see below

Course free days:


Good Friday/Easter break

30.03.2018 und 01./02.04.2018

Public holiday: "Tag der Arbeit" (Labour Day)


"Christi Himmelfahrt" (Ascension Day)


"Pfingsten" (Pentecost)


Orientation weeks and exam period

Orientation weeks

During the three orientation weeks, the International Office offers a variety of information events and lots of opportunities to get to know the University of Bremen, the campus and the city. Students also have the possibility to participate in an optional German intensive language course. No registration is needed for the orientation weeks. However, the intensive German language course, organized by the Goethe Institute, requires registration.

Exam period

Usually lecturers will communicate the type and date of exams during the first few weeks of lectures. Most exams will take place up to three weeks after the end of the lecture period. Term papers can often be handed in electronically up to 6 weeks after the lecture period. For further information in order to plan their exact departure date, students can contact their Departmental Erasmus Coordinator or International Cooperation Coordinator.