Delivery services

Especially in recent times, delivery services have become increasingly important. They are a great support if you have to transport heavy purchases, you are ill or you have to go into quarantine. We have only listed a selection of delivery services here. Most delivery services deliver during the usual opening hours. The normal opening hours in Bremen/ Germany are from Monday - Saturday between 7/8 am and 9/10 pm. On public holidays and Sundays most stores are closed.
However, if you need food outside the normal business hours, you can go to one of the following stores (selection): 


The REWE delivery service offers the possibility of having food delivered to your home. You order in the online store and receive the products delivered to your home easily and conveniently. This is very helpful in times of corona and quarantine.

How does it work?
Log in to REWE, enter your location, choose whether the products are to be delivered or picked up and set a delivery time. Then you can select your desired products and add them to your shopping bag. The minimum order value for delivery is 50€. The delivery fee depends on the choice of your time window and the amount of your shopping cart. The higher your shopping cart value, the lower your delivery fee will be. At 50€ the fee is between 3,90€ and 5,90€. You pay only when you pick up your order or after delivery.

Like REWE, Jastrebow (EDEKA) also offers a delivery/pickup service. Jastrebow is located in Schwachhausen and in the Vahr. The way it works is very similar to REWE: Select the desired products, put them into the shopping bag, log in to Jastrebow or register as a guest. Unlike at REWE, you have no minimum order value at Jastrebow. Also the delivery fee is now based on the distance of the delivery address: up to 5km 5€, up to 10km 10€. You can choose the delivery window yourself, just like at REWE.


HelloFresh is a company that offers cooking boxes for your home. You will receive a box with recipes and the corresponding ingredients. In advance you choose which dish you want. Whether Classic, Veggie, Thermomix or Family: Every week there are many new and varied recipes to choose from. The whole thing works like a kind of subscription. However, you are free to choose whether you would like to eat the dishes weekly, monthly or even take a break. You can find more information about Hellofresh here. is a beverage delivery service. If you don't have a car and need several crates of water, flaschenpost is the solution. You order your desired drinks online and flaschenpost delivers them within 120 minutes to your home.

How does that work?
Go to auf and enter your postal code. Select your drinks and put them in the shopping cart. Depending on the distance the minimum order value is at least 20€. There are no further delivery charges. Register now at flaschenpost and receive your drinks within 120 minutes. (You can also pre-order). Simply pay by credit card, direct debit or Paypal. flaschenpost also offers a deposit return service. To order more conveniently there is also an app.

Durst offers an alternative to flaschenpost. Durst also delivers beverages conveniently to your home.After entering your postal code, a beverage dealer nearby will be suggested. Depending on the retailer, the minimum order value and the delivery charge may vary. Basically this postage works just like bottle post. durst also offers a deposit return service. To order more conveniently there is also an app.


Ordering food is one thing. Ordering ready meals is the other. With the App Lieferando you can easily find restaurants that deliver your favorite dishes to your home. Be it sushi, pizza, pasta, doner kebab, or even a cocktail. Log in there and order whatever you want. Payment can be made online via paypal or credit card or in cash at the door when you place your order. The delivery fee and the minimum order value varies depending on the restaurant.