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Prof. Mario L. Small

is Grafstein Family Professor of Sociology at Harvard University. The award-winning social scientist's research interests include personal networks, inequality and poverty. He is currently using large-scale administrative data to understand isolation in cities, studying how people use their networks to meet their needs, and exploring the epistemological foundations of qualitative research. His latest book is Someone To Talk To(Oxford). A study of how people decide whom to approach when seeking support, the book is an inquiry into human nature, a critique of network analysis, and a discourse on the role of qualitative research in the big-data era. As U Bremen Excellence Chair, he researches at SOCIUM together with host Prof. Betina Hollstein in a joint project on "Large Scale Data and Field Research in the Study of Social Networks". This includes questions about the limits of quantitative research and "big data" as well as approaches of methodological linkage in qualitative and quantitative research.

Host: Prof. Dr. Betina Hollstein

Research group:

Excellence Chair Mario L. Small