Prof. Yvonne Rogers

is the director of the Interaction Centre at UCL (UCLIC), deputy head of department for Computer Science and a professor of Interaction Design at UCL since 2012. Yvonne Rogers is recognised for foundational research that investigates, invents and designs technologies that extend and augment what humans can do. She has developed new theories (e.g., external cognition), alternative methodologies (e.g., in the wild studies) and far-reaching research agendas (e.g., “Being Human: HCI in 2020” that outlined future challenges for Ubiquitous Computing). She has pioneered an approach to innovation and ubiquitous learning and developed a body of empirical research on how interactive technologies can best support collaborative learning and working. In Bremen Yvonne Rogers and her team explore how personal data when combined with AI techniques can be used, from a human-centered perspective, to improve the quality of healthcare.

Host: Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka

Research group:

  • Evropi Stefanidi
  • Nadine Wagener