Research groups

All eleven Excellence Chairs build their own research groups at university over four years comprising of two to three early career scientists (PhD students and Postdoc) together with their U Bremen hosts. The research group’s topics range from fossile DNA to Human-Computer-Interactions to Soft Authoritarianisms. 

  • Impacts of emissions and feedbacks to the Earth system (Kanakidou)
  • Selective auditory attention (Li)
  • New materials on demand (Marzari)
  • Marine carbon cycle and transport (Middelburg)
  • Microbial communities (Orphan)
  • Wireless space communication (Popovski)
  • Soft Authoritarianisms (Randeria)
  • Human Computer Interaction - AI in healthcare (Rogers)
  • Mitochondrial dynamics (Schwarz)
  • Study of social networks (Small)
  • Fossile DNA (Willerslev)
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