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Team Meetings

montags/on mondays 11:00h in UFT 0730

(Short progress reports - Concerning the topics please refer to the team member list)

AG Sitzungen/Team Meetings

19.02.20, 14:00 UFT 0010Adedamola AdedokunMSc Defence: Effects of increased temperature, starvation and herbicide RONDUP on collembola Folsomia candida performance in tropical soil on
24.02.20Workshop DFG Guidelines 4
02.03.20Ayla Murray, Akhere Paul Inegbedion, Viviane KochShort progress reports
16.03.20Jonas Fischer, Moira McKee, Yvonne SakkaShort progress reports
30.03.20Laura Schnee, Tamara Georgobiani, Juliane FilserShort progress reports

Frühere AG Sitzungen/Former meetings

10.02.20All group membersWorkshop DFG Guidelines 3
03.02.20Antje Siol, Ajeniyi AdeshinaShort progress reports
27.01.20Workshop DFG Guidelines 2
20.01.20Tamara Georgobiani, Adedamola Adedokun, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
13.01.20, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
13.01.20Workshop DFG Guidelines 1
06.01.20Patricks Voua Otomo, Yvonne Sakka, Michel Kamdem, Laura SchneeShort progress reports
09.12.19Patient Djidjonri FarsiaShort progress reports
25.11.19Ayla Murray, Akhere Paul Inegbedion, Jonas FischerShort progress reports
25.11.19, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
18.11.19, 11:00 UhrAndrea Böschen, Anne-Katrin NienstedtSicherheitsunterweisung (DE)
11.11.19Tamara Georgobiani, Adedamola AdedokunShort progress reports
28.10.19Jonas Fischer, Laura Schnee, Michel KamdemShort progress reports
21.10.19, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
14.10.19Lea Spelzhausen, Patricks Voua Otomo, Julia HunterShort progress reports
30.09.19Jonas Fischer, Moira McKee, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
26.09.19 - 27.09.19, UFT R. 0010Prof. Dr. Hartmut Koehler (AG Filser, Uni Bremen)/Dr. Axel Christian, Kerstin Franke (Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz)12. Milbenkundliches Kolloquium
23.09.19LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting: Thema: Gefährdungsanalysen
16.09.19Tamara Georgobiani, Adedamola Adedokun, Jürgen WarrelmannShort progress reports
09.09.19, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
02.09.19Laura Schnee, Michel Kamdem, Patricks Voua OtomoShort progress reports
26.08.19Antje Siol, Yvonne Sakka, Aras Alishort group meeting/urgent matters
12.08.19short group meeting/urgent matters
05.08.19, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
29.07.19short group meeting/urgent matters
15.07.19Short meeting
01.07.19Jonas Fischer, Lea SpelzhausenShort progress reports
17.06.19Juliane Filser, Julia HunterShort progress reports
12.06.19Chiuhsiang HsiehMSc Defense: Uptake and toxicity of AgNPs in soil microarthropods - effect of biochar, food limitation and predator presence
03.06.19Tamara Georgobiani, Adedamola Adedokun, Jürgen WarrelmannShort progress reports
27.05.19Antje Siol, Yvonne Sakka, Alexandra JereczekShort progress reports
27.05.19LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
13.05.19Juliane Filser, Lea Spelzhausen, Antja Siol, Yvonne SakkaShort progress reports
29.04.19Alexandra Jereczek, Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Jonas Fischer, Julia HunterShort progress reports
29.04.19, 10:00LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
24.04.19, 13:30Richard Zytner, Elese St LouisFinal results
17.04.19 (Wednesday!)Moira McKee, Viviane Koch, Hind Khalili, Adedamola AdedokunShort progress reports
01.04.19Laura SchneeShort progress reports
01.04.19, 10:00Laborteam Laborrunde/Lab meeting
28.03.19, 15:00Yana ErlagaevaMSc Defense: Applying a trait-based approach in ecotoxicology: effects of silver forms on a natural Collembola community
18.03.19Juliane Filser, Jonas Fischer, Richard ZytnerShort progress reports
04.03.19Elese St Louis, Chiuhsiang HsiehShort progress reports
25.02.19, 10:00LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
18.02.19Moira McKee, Laura SchneeShort progress reports, Good bye Lea, Welcome Anna
11.02.19Tonya Gräf, Hind Khalili, Tamara Georgobiani, Jürgen WarrelmannShort progress reports
14.01.19Richard Zytner, Viviane Koch, Yana ErlagevaShort progress reports
07.01.19Alexandra Jereczek, Broder BrecklingShort progress reports
10.12.18Tonya Gräf, Moira McKee, Adedamola AdedokunShort progress reports
26.11.18Jonas Fischer, Tamara GeorgobianiShort progress reports
12.11.18Viviane Koch, Hind Khalili, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
12.11.18, 10:00LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
29.10.18Anna Evlanova, Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Alexandra JereczekShort progress reports
22.10.18, 13:00, UFT 0720Anna EvlanovaMock presentation: Bioavailability of Low Concentrations of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles to Springtails (Folsomia candida) in Natural Soil
22.10.18, UFT 1790Andrea Böschen, Anne NienstedtAllgemeine Sicherheitsunterweisung
15.10.18Tonya Gräf, Moira McKee, Adedamola AdedokunShort progress reports
15.10.18, 10:00LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
01.10.18Yana Erlageva, Anna EvlanovaShort progress reports
10.09.18Alexandra Jereczek, Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Hind Khalili, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
10.09.18, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
03.09.18Laura Schnee, Adedamola Adedokun, Viviane KochShort progress reports
27.08.18Juliane Filser, Moira McKee, Tamara GeorgobianiShort progress reports
20.08.18Yana Erlageva, Tonya Gräf, Anna EvlanovaShort progress reports
13.08.18Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Hind Khalili, Laura Schnee, Anne PaaShort progress reports
23.07.18Jonas Fischer, Aboudi El Rabih, Adedamola Adedokun, Viviane Koch, Alexandra JereczekShort progress reports
09.07.18Short progress reports
09.07.18, 9:30 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
02.07.18Juliane Filser, Tonya Gräf, Alexandra Jereczek, Moira McKeeShort progress reports
28.06.18, 10:00 UhrIrene KönigMSc Defense: Long-term impact of biochar on wastewater treatment with soil filter systems
25.06.18Anna Evlanova, Yana Erlageva, Laura Schnee, Jürgen WarrelmannShort progress reports
19.06.18, 14:00 UhrGuillaume PatoineMSc Defense: Indirect effect of tree functional diversity on litter decomposition through the soil fauna pathway
18.06.18Anne Paa, Jonas Fischer, Tamara Georgobiani, Viviane KochShort progress reports
12.06.18, 15:00 UhrMusa IbrahimMSc Defense: Short-term response of mesofauna to soil amendment with biochar and compost
11.06.18Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Hind KhaliliShort progress reports
11.06.18, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
08.06.18Nicholas WaidmannBSc Defense: Einfluss von Biokohle auf Bodeneigenschaften und Organismenzusammensetzung / Influence of biochar on soil properties and mesofauna composition
04.06.18Tonya Gräf, Alexandra Jereczek, Jürgen Warrelmann, Moira McKeeShort progress reports
28.05.18Tamara Georgobiani, Jonas Fischer, Yana Erlageva, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
14.05.18Anne Paa, Anna EvlanovaShort progress reports
14.05.18, 10:00 - 11:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
07.05.18Aboudi El Rabih, Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Hind Khalili, Nicholas WaidmannShort progress reports
30.04.18Tonya Gräf, Alexandra Jereczek, Yana Erlageva, Jürgen Warrelmann, Moira McKeeShort progress reports
23.04.18Laura Schnee, Tamara Georgobiani, Anna Evlanova, Juliane FilserShort progress reports
16.04.18LaborteamLaborrunde/Lab meeting
16.04.18Musa Ibrahim, Anne Paa, Jonas Fischer, Irene König
09.04.18, 14:00 UhrMoira McKeePhD colloquium: Effects of silver nanoparticles on Collembola - from exposure situation to community interactions -
09.04.18Aboudi El Rabih, Chiuhsiang Hsieh, Hind Khalili, Nicholas WaidmannShort progress reports
26.03.18Tonya Gräf, Moira McKee, Alexandra Jereczek, Aboudi El Rabih, Moira McKeeShort progress reports, Mock Presentation
19.03.18Hind Khalili, Juliane Filser, Jürgen Warrelmann, Yana ErlagevaShort progress reports
19.03.18, 10:00 - 11:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde
12.03.18Irene König, Laura Schnee, Tamara Georgobiani, Anna EvlanovaShort progress reports
05.03.18Nicholas Waidmann, Musa Ibrahim, Anne Paa,Jonas Fischer Short progress reports
19.02.18, 10:00 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde
19.02.18Broder Breckling, Nicholas Waidmann, Laura Schnee, Christoph Protzel, Juliane Filser Short progress reports
05.02.18Yana Erlageva, Tonya Gräf, Moira McKee, Musa Ibrahim, Broder BrecklingShort progress reports
29.01.18Ana Evlanova, Danra Dieudonne, Yvonne Sakka, Hind Khalili, Jürgen Warrelmann Short progress reports
22.01.18, 10 UhrLaborteamLaborrunde
15.01.18Yvonne Sakka, Irene König, Hind Khalili, Laura Schnee, Christoph Protzel Short progress reports
08.01.18Moira McKee, Juliane Filser, Musa Ibrahim, Danra DieudonneShort progress reports