Television programs about environmental and climate protection


At this page we recommend TV programs on the subject of environmental and climate protection.

ARTE Mediathek:  "Die Erdzerstörer"

Documentary by Jean-Robert Viallet

It all started with the invention of the steam engine. With revolutionary speed, mankind has taken over the earth. One invention follows the next, one technology tops the other. For more comfort, more consumption, more prosperity. And the earth? How much longer will it be able to withstand mankind? The film is an uncompromising look at the past 200 years of industrial development and its impact on our planet.


DAS ERSTE:   Channel series "Quarks"  

Der SUV-Boom - Stadtpanzer im Klimawandel   (The SUV Boom - Huge Urban Vehicles in Climate Change)

Every third car sold is now an SUV. But why are our cars getting bigger and bigger? And what is really true about the arguments of both sides? Quarks takes a well-founded and vivid look at the inner-city problems and environmental impact caused by these oversized cars.