Appointment Process

What is at issue...

The University of Bremen seeks to recruit and retain, highly motivated outstanding professors in maximum diversity . In this respect the appointments process plays a crucial role as the quality of appointments will finally define the quality of the institution as a whole. The legislation on higher education in Bremen does not provide for chairs. Every individual professor enjoys a great deal of independence. With the appointment of professors long-term decisions are made about research orientation, degree programs and the allocation of resources. Therefore high standards have to be applied to the appointment process to ensure quality, especially in respect of transparency, process duration, information flow, gender mainstreaming and sensitivity to diversity.


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Information for Applicants

You have applied for a professorship at the University of Bremen or want to apply?

On the pages for applicants you can find information on the appointments procedure at the University of Bremen – from approval of the position up to the offer of appointment by the Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection. In addition you can find out about current legislation, regulations and guidelines related to the appointments process here.

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Information about Offers of Appointment

You have received an offer of appointment for a professorship at the University of Bremen?

On the pages dealing with offers of appointment you will find information on the procedure surrounding appointments negotiations, contact persons at the university, as well as the laws, regulations and guidelines connected with a professorial appointment at the University of Bremen.

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Information for Appointment Committees

You are involved in the appointments procedure for professors in your faculty?

Here you will find information about the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the appointment process.