Basic conditions in Bremen

Basic salary

In Bremen the salary scales for professors are laid down by law (BremBesG). 


(BremBesG §27, Annex 3, valid as of 01 January 2021 )

W1: 4,712,75 €

W2: 5,365,09 €

W3: 6,486,94 €

Appointment bonuses

(BremBesG §28, Abs. 2)

granted at least in this amount, pensionable, and subject to general salary adjustments

W1: ---

W2: 727,91 €

W3: 727,91 €

Additional bonuses

(BremBesG §28 (1), BremHLBV § 3)

In addition to the basic salaries, additional bonuses may be fixed in appointment negotiations. A distinction is made between

  • Unlimited appointment bonuses, based on the applicant's qualifications and previous achievements. These bonuses are pensionable and subject to general salary adjustments, but will be offset against the 727,91 € (see table above).


  • Limited appointment bonuses, linked to target agreements. These bonuses will usually be granted for three years, are not pensionable and not subject to general salary adjustments.

Special performance bonuses & function performance bonuses

The appointment negotiations do not cover special performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 4) or function performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 5), as these are always attached  to future performance or to a special function in university self-government. 

Candidates’ attention is drawn to the fact that professors of the University of Bremen can apply for special performance bonuses. The earliest possible date of application is pointed out. Special performance bonuses do not apply to the same achievements that are linked to target agreements in the appointment negotiations.

Teaching duties

Teaching duties are specified in the appointment agreements at 9 weekly hours per semester (Lehrveranstaltungsstunden; § 4 (1) LVNV).

Reductions of teaching duties are possible pursuant to the regulations in § 7 LVNV (in german only), i.e. after application.

For Junior Professors the teaching duty in the first phase is 4 weekly hours per semester and in the second phase between 6 and 8 weekly hours per semester according to the appointment agreement (§ 4 (2) LVNV).