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Information about Offers of Appointment

After the appointment is offered…

Following the official offer of appointment the university management contacts the candidate requesting commencement of negotiations. In preparation, the candidate is asked to submit a concept of future teaching and research activities, including the required staffing and resources.

Candidates are usually advised by the dean in advance, also in order to match the concept with the faculty. For questions regarding the organization of negotiations please contact Ms Schernus. If you have questions about the salary (W-scale), civil service law, or performance bonuses you can contact Mr van Eijk. (for contact details see right column)

After the candidate has submitted the concept of future teaching and research activities, a preliminary conversation with all university stakeholders takes place to define the framework for the appointment negotiations.

Contact - Organisation of appointment negotiations

Dagmar Schernus

Referat 08
Room:VWG 2160
Phone: +49-421-218-60851

Contact - Civil Service Law / Salary / Professorships

Daniel van Eijk

Referat 21
Room: VWG 1040
Phone: +49-421-218-60412

The DHV's Hallmark

The DHV's Hallmark for "Fair and transparent appointment negotiations", conferred for five years in October 2017.

Appointment negotiations

The appointment negotiations cover the topics of staffing and resources, professional and personal issues, as well as the salary attached to the professorship to be filled.

Usually the candidate, the Rector, the Director of Finance and Administration, the Dean of the faculty, the faculty’s head of administration, an assistant of the director of Finance and Administration and Dept. 3 (Finance) participate in the negotiations surrounding staffing and resources. Salary negotiations are conducted in a smaller circle.

If desired, Dual Career questions may be addressed during negotiations. You can find a detailed list of items to be addressed in the Guidelines for Appointment Negotiations.

The results are documented and once the negotiations are completed the minutes of the meeting(s) are sent to the candidate and the Dean of the faculty. The candidate will be informed about the result of salary negotiations in a separate confidential letter.

Acceptance or rejection of the offer of appointment

The minutes of the negotiations count as a firm commitment in respect of staffing and resources and should be checked by the candidate as well as by the faculty for completeness and accuracy.

On receipt of the minutes of the negotiations (including any changes and clarifications), and if possible within ten weeks, the candidate should either accept or reject the offered appointment at the University of Bremen. 

Basic conditions in Bremen

Basic salary

In Bremen the salary scales for professors are laid down by law (BesoldungsG).

Basic salary

(in € | BremBesG §27, Annex 3)


Appointment bonuses

(in € | BremBesG §28 (2))

granted at least in this amount, pensionable, and subject to general salary adjustments


 * Juniorprofessorships

Additional bonuses

(BremBesG §28 (1), BremHLBV § 3)

In addition to the basic salaries, additional bonuses may be fixed in appointment negotiations. A distinction is made between

  • Unlimited appointment bonuses, based on the applicant's qualifications and previous achievements. These bonuses are pensionable and subject to general salary adjustments, but will be offset against the 658 € (see table above).


  • Limited appointment bonuses, linked to target agreements. These bonuses will usually be granted for three years, are not pensionable and not subject to general salary adjustments.

Special performance bonuses & function performance bonuses

The appointment negotiations do not cover special performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 4) or function performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 5), as these are always attached  to future performance or to a special function in university self-government. 

Candidates’ attention is drawn to the fact that professors of the University of Bremen can apply for special performance bonuses. The earliest possible date of application is pointed out. Special performance bonuses do not apply to the same achievements that are linked to target agreements in the appointment negotiations.

Teaching duties

Teaching duties must be specified in the appointment agreements at between 8 and 10 weekly hours per semester (Lehrveranstaltungsstunden; § 4 (1) LVNV).

Reductions of teaching duties are possible pursuant to the regulations in § 7 LVNV (in german only), i.e. after application.

For Junior Professors, teaching duties are usually reduced from the normal 9 to 4 weekly hours per semester during the first four years (§ 4 (2) LVNV).