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Pending Procedures

Faculty | Advertisement NumberFieldCivil Service PayApplication DeadlineCurrent Status*
1 | P 580/20Remote Sensing of the AtmosphereW32021-01-15Offer of Appointment
1 | P 249/21Theoretical Solid State PhysicsW22021-12-10Call for Applications
3 | P 301/20Professor of Computer Science with special focus on "Digital Transformation of Public ServicesW32021-01-21Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 132/21Applied and Industrial Mathematics W32021-07-15Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 391/15System Analysis Space Transportation W22016-02-29Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 619/21Technology AssessmentW22021-06-18Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 402/20Laser Material ProcessingW32021-01-27Hearings
4 | P 611/20Engineering Mechanics – Structural MechanicsW32020-12-03Preselection of Candidates
7 | JP 726/20Production and Complex ServicesW12020-10-30Preselection of Candidates
7 | P 679/20Digital Business, especially Management of Digital TransformationsW22020-10-30Hearings
8 | JP 586/19Crystallography/GeomaterialsW12020-02-01Preselection of Candidates
8 | P 282/19Sociology with a focus on quantitative methods of empirical social researchW32020-01-03Offer of Appointment
8 | JP 183/21Human Geography with a Focus on Socio-Ecological TransformationW12021-11-19Call for Applications
8 | JP 297/21International Relations, specialising in the politics of global resourcesW12021-11-19Call for Applications
8 | P 637/20Sociological theories W32020-07-31Decision about Proposal List
9 | JP 667/20Social and Cultural Anthropology with a Special Focus on Transcultural ProcessesW12020-10-02Decision about Proposal List
9 | P 693/21Communication and Media Studies with a focus on methodological innovationW22021-07-30Preselection of Candidates
11 | JP 86/19Nursing Science with a focus on implementation and evaluationW12019-10-04Acceptance of Offer
11 | P 911/21Global HealthW22021-03-21Decision about Proposal List
11 | P 606/20Social Psychology (including Work and Organizational Psychology)W32020-12-04Offer of Appointment
12 | JP 296/20Didactics of mathematics (primary school/elementary school)W12020-09-30Offer of Appointment
12 | P 373/20School Theory and School DevelopmentW32020-12-10Hearings
12 | P 216/21Inclusive Education with focus on cognitive development and learning difficulties in Secondary SchoolsW22021-02-23Hearings

* The following steps of application procedure are considered:

  1. Call for Applications
  2. Preselection of Candidates
  3. Hearings
  4. Decision about Proposal List
  5. Offer of Appointment
  6. Acceptance of Offer


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