Pending Procedures

Faculty | Advertisement NumberFieldCivil Service PayApplication DeadlineCurrent Status*
1 | P 110/22Theoretical Physics for Climate Research W22022-09-30Offer of Appointment
2 | P 583/22Marine ZoologyW22022-06-3Preselection of Candidates
2 | P 406/23Cellular BiologyW22023-05-31Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 132/21Applied and Industrial Mathematics W32021-07-15Acceptance of Offer
3 | P 335/22Software Engineering for Cognitive Robots and Cognitive SystemsW32022-08-06Offer of Appointment
3 | P 164/23Analysis and its Applications W22023-05-12Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 510/22Theoretical Computer Science with a focus on Theory of Artificial IntelligenceW22022-06-13Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 336/23Lifelong Machine LearningW32023-03-21Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 337/22Cooperation Professorship » Cognitive Robotic Manipulation «W22022-05-22Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 338/22Artificial IntelligenceW22022-05-25Preselection of Candidates
3 | P 360/21Human-Computer Interaction W42022-03-25Offer of Appointment
4 | P 626/22Product Development & Life Cycle ManagementW32022-12-11Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 407/23Research group Knowledge-Based Digitalization in Materials-Oriented ProductionW22023-06-23Call for Applications
4 | P 956/22Human Space Exploration TechnologiesW32022-04-28Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 969/22Materials Engineering / Fiber Composites / Lightweight ConstructionW32022-05-20Preselection of Candidates
4 | P 611/20Engineering Mechanics – Structural MechanicsW32020-12-03Offer of Appointment
6 | P 640/22Öffentliches Recht, insbesondere Verwaltungsrecht und weitere Fächer W2/W32022-04-07Acceptance of Offer
7 | P 730/23Business administration, especially technology and innovationW22023-04-14Preselection of Candidates
8 | P 680/21Global Social Policy W2/W32022-01-28Acceptance of Offer
8 | P 822/22Maritime HistoryW32022-12-23Preselection of Candidates
8 | P 621/22Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany with a special focus on Theory and Empirics of the Welfare StateW32022-08-12Acceptance of Offer
9 | P 889/23Communication and Media Studies with a Focus on Media ChangeW22023-04-30Hearings
10 | P 187/22Anthropological Linguistics / Cultural LinguisticsW22022-06-30Decision about Proposal List
10 | P 202/23English Literature and Cultural Studies W32023-06-23Call for Applications
11 | P 980/22Epidemiological Methods and Etiological ResearchW32022-04-25Acceptance of Offer
11 | P 750/22Human Movement SciencesW2/W32022-12-11Preselection of Candidates
11 | P 751/22Sports Education and Sports DidacticsW32022-12-11Preselection of Candidates
11 | P 696/22Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of Childhood and AdolescenceW32022-12-06Offer of Appointment
11 | P 752/23Sports, Physical Activity and Health PromotionW2/W32023-05-05Preselection of Candidates
11 | P 605/22Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of AdulthoodW32022-11-11Offer of Appointment

* The following steps of application procedure are considered:

  1. Call for Applications
  2. Preselection of Candidates
  3. Hearings
  4. Decision about Proposal List
  5. Offer of Appointment
  6. Acceptance of Offer


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