Information for Professors

Renegotiation of professorships

The University Management usually conducts renegotiations with professors who have an offer from another university. The procedure is initiated either by the professor or by the Director of Finance and Administration.

Prerequisite for negotiations are:

  • Written evidence of the offer of appointment from the competing University, together with details of salary offered, staffing and resources,
  • details of conditions offered by the University of Bremen at the time of renegotiation,
  • a concept of future teaching and research activities and the required staffing and resources.

The date set for renegotiations should not be later than six weeks following receipt of the external offer of appointment. You can find more information in the guidelines for renegotiations of professorships at the University of Bremen.

Conversation about staffing and resources

Commitments concerning staffing and resources are usually limited to five years and are subject to sufficient budgetary resources and the University’s long-term development plan.

After the expiry of the time limit (usually five years), or changes in the long-term development plan of the University, details of staffing and resources are to be renegotiated with the University management to facilitate planning for all those involved. You can find more information in the guidelines for renegotiation of staffing and resources.

Special performance bonuses and function performance bonuses

Professors of the University of Bremen on the W salary scale can apply for special performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 4) and function performance bonuses (BremHLBV § 5). The earliest possible date of application is pointed out in the appointment negotiations.

Special performance bonuses can be applied for according §§2, 3 und 4 of the Leistungsbezügeordnung of the University of  Bremen. If you have any questions, please contact Katja Graf.