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Journey to Mars – Trajectories, Velocity Changes and Propellant Masses

Location: zoom
Start Time: 18. May 2022, 13:30
End Time: 18. May 2022, 15:00
Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar
Guest: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Dreyer

ZARM – Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, University of Bremen, Germany


The journey to Mars requires knowledge, technology, and resources. The main resource is propellant, which is required to perform the necessary maneuvers in Space. The lecture will address spaceflight basics, orbital mechanics, and propulsion systems. The most important question is, how much propellant is needed to perform a mission. Based on recent studies, the most likely crewed mission is an opposition class with a short stay on Mars (30 days), no earlier than 2039. The total mission time will be 650 days. Multiple launches from Earth, assembly in orbit, and fueling in orbit from tankers or propellant depots are required. The necessary technology for cryogenic fluid management is being studied, first tipping point selection have been made, and grants have been issued. The talk will finish with the description of some activities of the author with regard to cryogenic fluid management.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Dreyer is a professor at the University of Bremen and head of the Multiphase Flow Group at the Department of Fluid Mechanics in the Faculty of Production Engineering. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Bremen. His habilitation focused on free surface flows under compensated gravity conditions. Current research interests include free surface flows, variable acceleration, low temperatures, cryogenic conditions and phase separation of hydrogen.


Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar

The seminar takes place every third Wednesday of the month at 13:30 CET/CEST online via zoom and consists of a 40-minute talk followed by a 40-minute discussion.

The zoom link for the meeting will be send via email to all registered members of the space-exploration mailing list. You can register here.

Picture from a scientific journal with the title Opposition class: short-stay mission from a s
Opposition class: short-stay mission.