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Krach 1991: Soviet Daughter – A Graphic Revolution. Book presentation with Julia Alekseyeva.

Organizer: Forschungsstelle Osteuropa
Location: Via Zoom. Zugangsdaten verfügbar auf
Start Time: 02. November 2021, 18:00
End Time: 02. November 2021, 20:00

Soviet Daughter – A Graphic Revolution. Book presentation with Julia Alekseyeva 

Far beyond the 69 years of its existence, the Soviet Union shaped world history as the largest socialist state. With the Russian October Revolution in 1917 and the founding of the USSR in 1922, the history of the Soviet Union until its end in 1991 covers not only the entire short 20th century, but the period of an entire lifetime. Such a life is told by author Julia Alekseyeva in her graphic novel Soviet Daughter. 
With lovingly sketched illustrations, the author tells the life story of her great-grandmother Lola. Born into a Jewish family in 1910, Lola experienced the Civil War, the Great Terror, the Holocaust during the Great Patriotic War and the Destalinization. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the family ultimately emigrates to the United States in 1992. The carefully told story not only embeds Lola's life stages in the salient events of Soviet history, but also shows how a person came to terms with them. Based on autobiographical notes of her great-grandmother, Alekseyeva traces this path and links it with episodes of her own biography.  
Via Zoom Julia Alekseyeva will read from her book and present illustrated passages of this outstanding story. Afterwards there will be time for questions and discussion. 

Julia Alekseyeva is Author-Illustrator and Assistant Professor of English and Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Moderation: Susanne Schattenberg 

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