(Histories of) Solidarity in Israel/Palestine - and, what next?

Organizer : IfEK (Institut für Ethnologie und Kulturwissenschaft)
Location : Rotunde, Cartesium, Uni Bremen
Start Time : 27. June 2024, 18:15
End Time : 27. June 2024, 20:00

(Histories of) Solidarity in Israel/Palestine - and, what next?


Prof. Dr. Alexander Flores, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Sprache der arabischen Länder, Hochschule Bremen.
Dr. Omri Grinberg, Martin Buber Institut, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

In this teach-in, we welcome two esteemed scholars of Israel/Palestine who have both worked academically in the region and been involved in solidarity and human rights work in the region and beyond. We discuss these histories and next steps in light of the war in Gaza and invite a broad discussion on questions of violence, justice, human rights, international law, the past and present of solidarity movements, and more.


For more information please contact yichun@uni-bremen.de